Rob Kardashian Is ‘Ready To Take Control Of His Life’

Rob Kardashian Is ‘Ready To Take Control Of His Life’


Rob Kardashian is getting back to the grind!

Dream Kardashian‘s daddy isn’t messing around when it comes to his fitness anymore, a source has revealed to E! Online.

The insider explained big sister Khloé Kardashian has been a huge source of inspiration for her bro as he’s returned to the gym:

“Rob also was also influenced to get back in the gym from Khloé. She has been telling him that he will feel better and have more positivity in his life if he focused more on his health. Rob feels like he is finally ready to take control of his life.”

She’s not the only sister who has got his back! Kourtney Kardashian is also “rallying” behind the 32-year-old and “supporting his decisions,” and all the sisters are hoping he “sticks to maintaining a good, healthy routine for the sake of his future.”

We hope so, too!

The source continued:

“Everyone has been offering to work out with him and are trying to keep him motivated. He wants to be in better shape and have better health for Dream, and his overall wellbeing. He has expressed he’s ready to make a full transformation and is ready to take the steps to change his life.”

As we reported, on Monday the Arthur George sock-maker snapped a photo on Twitter to kick off comeback season in a home gym (which the E! Online confidant spills is at Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s home) with the words “Day 1 all good” in the caption.

Indicating he’s apparently back on a journey to good health and great fitness, he posted:

Not only do his sisters have his back, but fans on Twitter do, too:

“One day at a time Rob! We are rooting for you and those that aren’t…Do Not Matter!! You got this!”

“Proud of you! Get it 💪🏻”

“good for you Rob!!!!”

“Good luck 😍 do it for Dreamy!”

ICYMI, Kardashian has been working through fitness and weight loss issues for quite some time now, so this fresh start is definitely a move in the right direction, not just for him but also for his gorgeous Dreamy!

Another motivation for getting back in the gym could be Dominican singer Natti Natasha! The two have been getting super flirty on social media, even getting caught and called out by KoKo! We definitely think he should be doing this for himself and his daughter… but whatever works!

Keep up the good work, Rob!

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