R. Kelly's Alleged Sex Slaves Flying to NYC to Support Him

R. Kelly's Alleged Sex Slaves Flying to NYC to Support Him


It appears any hope Azriel Clary‘s family had about their daughter coming back to them have been dashed … because TMZ’s learned Azriel’s planning to fly to NYC for moral support in R. Kelly‘s sexual exploitation case.

Kelly’s attorneys, Douglas Anton and Steve Greenberg, tell TMZ … Azriel is expected to be joined by Joycelyn Savage, both of whom plan to attend Kelly’s arraignment next Friday. Azriel and Joycelyn want to make it clear … this is a united front to support Kelly.

Anton tells us the women are going into “protective mode” because they view Kelly as a loved one in crisis. Anton says Azriel and Joycelyn — who have supported Kelly at previous court appearances — plan to arrive Thursday and stay in Brooklyn where Kelly will be held by U.S. Marshals.

As you know … feds in New York slapped Kelly with a 5-count indictment … which includes racketeering and kidnapping. He’s also fighting a 13-count indictment in Illinois federal court.

BTW … we’re told the women want to visit Kelly, although it’s unclear if that’s even possible.

Azriel’s family had a ray of hope Kelly was losing his grip over her. The family saw Azriel becoming more active on social media, which to them was a sign she was breaking free. Not so, it appears.

Anton tells us some of Kelly’s friends and family have texted him to inquire about next week’s hearing … suggesting they will show up to support the singer.

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