Prince William left shocked after mistaking a childhood photo of himself for Princess Charlotte

Prince William left shocked after mistaking a childhood photo of himself for Princess Charlotte


Prince William has been left shocked after mistaking a childhood photo of himself on a cupcake for his daughter Princess Charlotte.

The 37 year old royal, who was visiting Khidmat Centre in Bradford with wife 38 year old Kate Middleton, was speaking to baker Siama Ali of Cup Caker Bradford when he noticed the amazing similarities between himself at that age with his four year old daughter.

As Siama introduced the different sections of the impressive cake, which featured his first meeting with Kate, his engagement, marriage and children, William could be seen staring at one specific cupcake.

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William, whose wife recently revealed he doesn't want anymore children, said: "Is that… Is that me? That looks like Charlotte."

He then turned around to the Duchess of Cambridge for confirmation on his observation. She immediately agreed, adding: "That looks so much like Charlotte," before William continued to question: "Is that me? Oh my goodness."

The royal, who recently showed off his impressive sign language skills, then turned to Siama to ask the question again as he said: "Is that me? Because that looks so much like Charlotte, that is incredible."

"I haven't seen that before. Very alike in similarity," he added.

After Siama told Kate she spent the last two days making the cake, William looked visibly impressed as he said: "Well done you, that's a lot of hard work."

He then joked: "Honestly, Mary Berry would be very impressed by that."

Following the hilarious interaction, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official Twitter account posted a side-by-side comparison photo of Prince William and Princess Charlotte, prompting the public to comment on their similarities – and it went viral.

And fans of the royal family couldn't help but offer their opinion on the matter as one person wrote: "Charlotte sure does look like her daddy. It’s quite remarkable".

Another chimed: "I've always thought she had a resemblance of him but i didn't realise the resemblance was strong." [sic]

While a third added: "It’s scary the resemblance!! Genetics are crazy!"

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Others, however, decided Charlotte looks a little more like her grandmother, The Queen, as one person tweeted: "I think she has more of the Queens features. Doesn’t matter what’s on the outside that matters, her parents are raising her to be beautiful inside as well. Blessings" [sic]

A second wrote: "She looks like both William & the Queen. W looks a lot like Diana but also with some Windsor thrown in. Charlotte looks a lot like her Dad did as a child but his facial expressions are more like Diana's and Charlotte's more like the Queen's. Also her eyes are like the Queen's." [sic]

And another said: "All I can see in Charlotte is the Queen from the day she was born".

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