Piers Morgan Twitter: England vs USA prompts GMB star to take HUGE bet after ‘scared’ jibe

Piers Morgan Twitter: England vs USA prompts GMB star to take HUGE bet after ‘scared’ jibe


Piers Morgan, 54, took on LGBTQ activist and US Army veteran Charlotte Clymer on Twitter earlier this evening after she called him out for failing to step up to the plate with a bet on the England vs USA Women’s World Cup semi-final. Replying to a Twitter user who asked if Piers ever “put his money where his mouth is”, Charlotte told her 220,000 followers: “Nope, @piersmorgan was too scared to place a bet for charity on this match.” Clearly spotting the mocking in his mentions, the Good Morning Britain presenter promptly retweeted the post, adding in view of his own 6.6 million followers: “How much do you want to bet?”

“Let’s make it $100 to the charity of our choice. You game?” she asked.

“Let’s make it £1000,” Piers replied, accepting the bet.

“You’re on!” she wrote back.

The Lionesses got off to a shaky start after USA found the back of the net in the 10th minute.

However, they quickly evened the score when Ellen White, 30, equalised nine minutes later.

Towards the end of the first half, the Americans went one up once again as the tense match continued to be hard fought by both sides.

USA’s second goalscorer, Alex Morgan, 30, celebrated by miming sipping tea, a cheeky swipe at the English fans.

Piers didn’t appear to appreciate the moment, tweeting: “That’s NOT how you sip tea.”

He later fumed: “When we win this, I hope every one of our players feigns eating a Big Mac and large fries.”

The GMB star went on to joke the move was “bordering on a declaration of war”.

As the second half got underway, England found the back of the net a second time thanks to Ellen.

However, after going to VAR, the goal was disallowed.

Having previously celebrated on Twitter, Piers subsequently shared his fury by tweeting a string of angry face emojis.

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