Piers Morgan in fresh jibe at Sam Smith in mission to ‘abolish wokery

Piers Morgan in fresh jibe at Sam Smith in mission to ‘abolish wokery


Piers Morgan, 58, vowed that he’d “restore Britain” to its “former glorious non-woke self” with the help of a twenty-point plan – and sanctions involving Unholy singer Sam Smith’s videos are at the heart of his strategy.

The semi-satirical piece, published in his column for The Sun on Thursday, suggests that “all ‘preferred personal pronouns’” should be “banned with immediate effect”, as they are “pointless, confusing and annoying”.

The TalkTV star – who is clearly feeling more Uncensored than Unholy – also took a swipe at Sam Smith.

“People caught using [a pronoun] would be sentenced to 500 hours community service watching Sam ‘he/they/person/whatever’ Smith videos,” he declared.

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Piers also suggested: “Anyone incapable of defining a woman as an ‘adult human female’ [should be] permanently barred from holding any form of public office.”

When the question was posed to Rishi Sunak his answer was in line with what Piers believes a woman to be, prompting the latter to suggest that he should become the PM’s new anti-woke minister.

Rishi also addressed the gender topic in an interview for Conservative Home, when he was reminded of Labour leader Keir Starmer’s claim that “99.9 per cent of women of course do not have penises”.

The laughing Prime Minister clarified that he would alter that figure to 100 percent.

Meanwhile, Piers also stated that he’d like to ban police officers from dancing while on duty, echoing a statement made by Home Secretary Suella Braverman this week.

However, his punishment for breaking the rules might not be a deterrent for everyone – six months of patrolling football matches for his rival Tottenham Hotspur.

Piers previously took another swipe at Sam Smith during his TalkTV show, insisting that the singer isn’t “anything other than ridiculous”.

The so-called “satanic” singer, who has performed multiple times in a devil costume with horns on their head, was branded “narcissistic, self-indulgent [and] deliberately shocking” by a disapproving Piers.

“He looks terrible! Why would you do this?” he exclaimed.

His guest James Barr argued: “Ozzy Osbourne ate a bat’s head on stage, which could be considered vulgar,” but Piers shot back: “Ozzy Osbourne never did anything like this.”

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