Penny Lancaster addresses warning to Rod Stewart amid ‘meltdown’ during health struggles

Penny Lancaster addresses warning to Rod Stewart amid ‘meltdown’ during health struggles


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Loose Women star Penny Lancaster, 49, has candidly opened up about her menopause process and how it has affected her life at home. The wife of Sir Rod Stewart, 75, lives in Essex with the rockstar and their two sons; Alastair, 14, and nine-year-old Aiden.

Penny said she indulged on too much food and drink during the lockdown period to numb her anxiousness while experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The mother-of-two said she tried to keep her household in high sprits by putting on themed lunch and dinners, but admitted she got too carried away.

Rod’s wife explained: “I was trying to be jolly at the beginning and the pounds piled on.”

Addressing her health, she added: “It was a panic-attack type of meltdown, during lockdown.

“Usually I have a good threshold when it comes to being patient with people. That went out the window. I wasn’t in control and I just broke.

“The kids were arguing. I’d done these individual chicken pies and one of them got thrown across the kitchen.

“I screamed, then I cried. The boys came running over to comfort me and I apologised.”

Penny went on to say she has had to explain to Rod and her sons that she may “get angry and cry” due to her hormones.

The rockstar’s wife initially believed she had coronavirus after experiencing hot flushes.

“I’ve never felt a fire so intense, like a heat in my body, then I would go freezing cold.

“It was worse than when I’ve been ill in the past,” she added in an interview with The Sun on Sunday.

Penny soon realised the symptoms were in fact the beginning signs of the menopause process.

She added: “I needed that pause button when lockdown happened. You have the fear and anxiety of Covid and the menopause.”

Earlier this week, Penny shared before and after snaps of her weight loss journey, after piling on a stone during lockdown.

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She candidly wrote: “During the lockdown I found myself entering my menopause and the side effects were exaggerated by the anxiety and fear for the virus and the unknown.

“I turned to food and drink as comfort and gained over a stone.

“As a wake up call I shamed [myself] by taking a photo.”

Penny said she lost 17lbs in eight weeks after making a change to her diet, which involved cutting out sugar.

She added: “It worked and with a new diet and exercise, I lost 17lb and 4in off my waist in eight weeks!”

Rod’s wife previously addressed her menopause process on Loose Women.

“I’ve been having the really hot sweats, and then freezing cold.

“My body temperature is fluctuating all over the place. It affects your mood swings, I’ve been putting on more weight,” she added.

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