Paulina Porizkova: When I’m 70 I’ll think back at this time like ‘I was pretty hot’

Paulina Porizkova: When I’m 70 I’ll think back at this time like ‘I was pretty hot’


Paulina Porizkova has been through a lot in the last five years. I mostly know about Paulina Porizkova from what I’ve read on CB, but I like her. Do I think she sometimes fails to take note that she is a genetic lottery winner? Sure, but nobody’s perfect. I’ll even forgive her icky four-months with Aaron Sorkin (sorry, y’all, I love “The West Wing” but he creeps me out for some reason). I do appreciate, though, that she candidly speaks out about issues like grief, menopause, beauty standards, and aging. In a recent interview with People, Paulina spoke more about aging, including reconciling her personal vs. her social media persona, feeling that she’s currently in her prime, intermittent fasting, and, of course, her feelings on getting older.

Woman Gone Unfiltered: The 58-year-old supermodel and writer has learned to accept herself and let go of the past. The desire to put her unfiltered self “out there” encompassed part of that journey, whether it was sharing photos of herself makeup-free or in a bikini. “As soon as you start filtering yourself or auto-tuning your photos and stuff, well then, it’s not really all that authentic anymore,” Porizkova told PEOPLE. “I feel a responsibility to put myself out there as I am.”

She is 32 flavors and then some: Self-acceptance in aging has delivered far more benefits than just a significant other [television writer and producer Jeff Greenstein] for the Swedish model, who believes freedom can be found after menopause. “One of the incredible things about aging is that you care less and less about what other people think,” Porizkova admitted. “You’re like, ‘You know what? I’ve done my bit. I’ve been serving everybody else for 50 years – now, it’s my turn.’”

Paulina, in her prime:: “I know without a doubt that I am the best that I’ve ever been,” Porizkova said. “Why do I need improvement? I’m in my prime right now. I’m sorry that you think my wrinkles dismiss me from being in my prime, but as a person, as a fully formed woman at the height of her power, this is it.”

Don’t go chasing youth: At book events, she resonates more with the women who know her “Instagram me” as opposed to those who come because of her modeling days with Estée Lauder. Fighting the urge to “not chase youth” or “pretend that she is younger” is a kind of acceptance she admits to still be “working on.”

Menopause comes for us all: The same goes for managing changes in the body post-menopause, including weight gain. After exercising more (“great for my emotional state … [but] it made me be more hungry”) she found her happy medium with intermittent fasting, where, she says, “it’s all about balance.”

Intermittent fasting is still her thing: “I don’t eat very much, but when I eat, I eat the stuff I want to eat,” Porizkova explained of her routine, which she’s done the past four years. “Sometimes they’re very healthy, and sometimes they aren’t, because they make me happy.”

On accepting that she’s aging: “I’m working on this as hard as I can,” Porizkova said. “This self-acceptance thing, the looking at yourself in the mirror and going, ‘Okay, well, looking older than I did yesterday, but you know what? When I’m 70, I’ll think back at this time as like, ‘Damn, I was pretty hot. What was I complaining about?’”

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First of all, Paulina *is* pretty hot, so she better look back and recognize that, lol. And when she’s 90, I hope she looks back at pictures of herself at 70 and says the exact same thing. It’s a nice attitude to have, though, even if it’s not always easy to think positively and treat ourselves with the self-love we deserve. To be completely honest, when I see pictures of myself before my children were born, my default way of thinking is, “Holy crap, I looked so much younger and brighter than I remember being! When did I start looking so puffy and old?” Then, Mr. Rosie will remind me that I’m 10+ years older than when most of those pictures were taken and I need to remember I’ve earned every line, wrinkle, and dark circle. I know it’s corny and cliché, but getting old is a blessing. The older you get, the more you realize the truth in that sentence and how it applies to you.

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