Patty Jenkins Reveals Her Issues with ‘Wonder Woman 1984′s Original Release Date

Patty Jenkins Reveals Her Issues with ‘Wonder Woman 1984′s Original Release Date


Wonder Woman 1984 is finally being released this week and the film’s director Patty Jenkins is opening up how the movie was originally dated for release an entire year ago.

In a new interview with The New York Times, Patty revealed that she had to fight with the studio to get the movie pushed back to summer 2020 from the original release date in late 2019.

“I never wanted it to come out in the winter. I was fighting the studio because we were supposed to come out summer of 2020, and then they didn’t have a big movie for 2019,” Patty said. “I was in the middle of making a limited series, and all of a sudden they announced that they had moved up the release date by seven months, which was going to give me way less time to make the movie than I had for Wonder Woman. I was saying, ‘You guys, why would you guarantee I can’t make as good of a film by making it too quick?’”

“So we argued about that all year, and I had to drop out of doing a whole limited series and only do the first two episodes, and just race to write an 80-page treatment at the same time as I’m trying to direct the show,” she added. “We finally got lucky that it got moved back. It would have been a much worse movie if it had come out then.”

The limited series that Patty is talking about is the TNT show I Am the Night, which starred Wonder Woman actor Chris Pine.

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Patty also talked about the phone call she received when the studio told her the movie would get a release on HBO Max.

“It was weird, because the whole year I was afraid of that, and everybody at the studio kept saying, ‘No way, we’ll never do that,’ because you have to make so much money with this thing. So when they suggested it, I was shocked,” she said. “We did not agree right away — it was a very, very long process, and I don’t know that they would have let us disagree based on what they’ve been doing now. But I was conveniently into it for this movie.”

Here’s what Patty had to say about why she almost walked away from directing the sequel.

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