Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen seeks help from kids as she addresses ‘technical issues’

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen seeks help from kids as she addresses ‘technical issues’


Amanda Owen struggles to walk a pig at farm show

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Amanda Owen, 47, has taken to Twitter with pictures of her children giving her a helping hand around her Ravenseat Farm amid her split from husband Clive Owen. The TV star said she was experiencing “technical issues” as it appeared she enlisted her children to help sort out the problems. 

The Yorkshire Shepherdess addressed her 200,500 Twitter followers. 

She wrote: “Make hay while the sun shines. 

“As per usual we have a few technical issues, this time a blocked fuel filter. 

“#yorkshire #haytime #sunshine #hay #tractor #hay.” 

The star attached photos of her son Miles riding around the farm in a tractor, as the picturesque North Yorkshire scenery was visible in the background.

Her fans were eager to express their thoughts and well wishes, taking to the comments section to also remind the family to be careful during the heatwave.

@MayhoodCharles wrote: “I have been thinking of you all – of all the things I have done haying is right up there with the worst! 

“Old fashioned rectangular bales – throw them onto the wagon, stack them, throw them off the wagon, get them into the barn, stack them again… UGH! Glad you are more modern.” 

@Spanglishpoppy said: “Hope you are all coping ok with the heat. Take care.” 

@JanDarcy7 commented: “What’s the temperature at the farm today? I’m in harlow and it’s 35c xx.”

@JanetEV281 penned: “Is that Miles on the tractor????

“At this time of year you need all the helpers you can great to see everyone mucking In Luv To The Owens Family xx.” 

Amanda lives and works on Ravenseat Farm in North Yorkshire alongside her nine children. 

Her rural life has been a part of the Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm for several years. 

The show gives viewers insight into shepherding. 

Despite the star’s passion for farm life, she recently revealed to chef James Martin why the lifestyle can also be “isolating”. 

During an appearance on James Martin’s Saturday Morning Kitchen late last year, Yorkshireman James told Amanda he did not think the pandemic would have impacted her life on Ravenseat Farm, but she quickly corrected him. 

She explained: “Well, it has and it hasn’t. It didn’t when it first kicked off because of course we were lambing.

“At that time of year, it’s all you think about and eat, sleep and breath. 

“But of course, we then see the sheep go back to the moor and it’s all about tourism. 

“It was kind of like isolation upon isolation.” 

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