Oprah Winfrey’s Partner Stedman Graham Feels ‘Free’ After He Quarantined Alone

Oprah Winfrey’s Partner Stedman Graham Feels ‘Free’ After He Quarantined Alone


The former daytime talk show queen teases her longtime love as they are reunited after she told him to self-isolate in the guest house for 14 days following a travel abroad.

AceShowbiz -Stedman Graham is finally out of his guesthouse quarantine. Having spent 14 days alone as precaution measures since he has been travelling amid the coronavirus pandemic, the long-time partner of Oprah Winfrey admitted that he felt “free” when reunited with the media mogul.

In a video uploaded on O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine’s Instagram, the 69-year-old educator could be seen stepping out of the guesthouse where he practiced self-isolation. He was soon greeted by his partner and two former students from her Leadership Academy for Girls who danced and sang him a song.

When walking toward the main house for their first dinner together, Graham was asked by one of the students, “How do you feel, Uncle Stedman?” In response, he replied, “Free, free at last.” Winfrey then teased, “I bet you appreciate us more.” He, however, answered sweetly, “I appreciated you before, honey.”

The clip itself, which was uploaded on Wednesday, April 1, was accompanied by a message that read, “After 14 days of quarantining separately, @oprah & @stedmangraham have finally reunited – with a welcome song from former OWLAG students @thando_d and Sade! We wonder what Lady O made for dinner for her man’s return. Remember to keep staying safer at home y’all!”

Earlier in March, Winfrey revealed that Graham has been living in their guesthouse during an Instagram Live session. “Stedman didn’t arrive from Chicago until Thursday and he was speaking in St. Louis on Saturday and he’s been on planes,” she said, explaining she herself was still recovering from her pneumonia which made her vulnerable to coronavirus.

“(He) was like, ‘What’s the procedure for coming home?’ And I was like, ‘You ain’t coming in here and sleeping in my bed. It doesn’t work that way… Social distancing doesn’t mean you can go sleep in a bed with someone after you got off American Airlines.’ We cannot play those games,” she stated, though she admitted she still left “food on the doorstep for him.”

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