Night Crumbs

Night Crumbs


The trailer for Netflix’s prequel to The Dark Crystal is out, and I learned two things after watching it. The first is that it’s possible for me to actually want to see a reboot, remake, or prequel for a classic from my childhood. The second is that the mutated wookie nutsack known as Fizzgig has always been hooked on the wrong stuff – io9

A Boy George biopic is in the works, and whoever plays the escort he chained to the radiator is a shoo-in for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar – Lainey Gossip

Georgia will maybe lose Disney and Netflix money if their abortion law takes effect- Pajiba

Taron Egerton read his thirst tweets for BuzzFeed, and what I want to know is which one is from Elton John using a throwaway account? – Towleroad

Um, I know that I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to the female body, but is it normal to have a hairless pussy growing on your chest? If not, Tallulah Willis may want to get that checked out – Drunken Stepfather

Billy Porter is totally working the nameplate choker my mom got me for my 13th birthday better than me. Just joking, she got it for me for my 12th birthday – Boy Culture

Charli XCX is serving 90s chav, and I’m serving her with an invoice for the new bionic eyes I’ll have to buy after my original ones exploded from looking at those hideous glasses – Popoholic

Brit Brit Spears seems to be doing okay, she’s just lying around, presenting her FrapPOONcino to us – Hollywood Tuna

Old Town Road is everywhere, even in the new trailer for the new Rambo – SOW

I read that as “crystal meth” and was about to yell at Christy Carlson Romano for getting ripped off badly – Celebitchy

The shit a trick will do to sell a song: Katy Perry got matching tattoos with fans – Just Jared

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