New York Mets trade rumors: Edwin Diaz available now

New York Mets trade rumors: Edwin Diaz available now


New York Mets trade rumors reveal that Edwin Diaz is available ahead of the MLB trade deadline. This might be surprising news to some Mets fans, especially with how much the franchise had to give up to acquire Diaz.

The struggles that the Mets have gone through during the 2019 MLB season may have surprised the front office in New York.

After completing a trade with the Seattle Mariners to acquire Diaz and Robinson Cano, anything less than a playoff spot was considered a bust.

With a current record of 46-54, calling the 2019 season a bust for the Mets just doesn’t cover it all. Giving up Justin Dunn and Jarred Kelenic to finish fourth in the National League East isn’t an acceptable return.

New York Mets trade rumors

The New York Post confirmed the New York Mets are shopping Edwin Diaz. A statement revealed it would take a significant return for the Mets to part with him, especially considering what the team gave up to acquire him.

They are reportedly looking for a “sky-high return.”

As for Diaz, he was asked what his feelings were about the latest Mets trade rumors.

“I don’t really have a reaction to it. My job is to go on the mound every day whenever they call me to do my job. I’m happy to be here, so it’s out of my control.”

This raises an interesting scenario pushed by Mariners fans. The fans want to see Diaz back in Seattle. The thought is that the team can re-acquire him at a discount, especially with the struggles Diaz had on the mound for the Mets.

It seems extremely unlikely the front office of the Mets would trade Diaz back to the Mariners for anything less than elite-level prospects. The organization isn’t going to admit how badly it lost the original trade. That doesn’t mean a Diaz trade isn’t coming.

If the right team offers the Mets a number of good prospects for Edwin Diaz, he could certainly change teams again ahead of the July 31 MLB trade deadline.

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