Michelle Obama Makes a Hometown Visit in an Olive-Green Two-Piece Set

Michelle Obama Makes a Hometown Visit in an Olive-Green Two-Piece Set


In Chicago on Tuesday, Michelle Obama commemorated a momentous occasion in down-to-earth style.

The former First Lady arrived in Jackson Park alongside former President Barack Obama to mark the groundbreaking of the Obama Presidential Center in a scaled-down virtual ceremony. She wore a Lafayette 148 olive-green wrap top and pants with a layered Bychari chain necklace.

A project six years in the making, the Obama Presidential Center has been a way for the Obamas to give back to the South Side, the place in which Michelle grew up and where Barack found his purpose.

“Chicago is where almost everything that is most precious to me began,” the former president said at the ceremony. “It feels natural for Michelle and me to want to give back to Chicago and to the South Side in particular. … We will always be grateful for that, and the Obama Presidential Center is our way of repaying some of what this amazing city has given us, but we’re also building this center because we believe it can speak to the struggles of our time.”

“No matter what I’ve accomplished, who I’ve met or where I’ve gone, one of the greatest honors of my life is being a proud Chicagoan—a daughter of the South Side,” Michelle later wrote on Instagram. “I still lead with that descriptor. I wear it boldly and proudly. So when it came time to decide where we’d build the Obama Presidential Center, Barack and I knew the South Side of Chicago was where we wanted it to be.”

She added, “This investment will help make the neighborhood we call home a destination for the entire world. But more importantly, it will be a vital resource for the people who live here. This center will be a place where folks can find work, and where kids can learn, grow, and envision bigger lives for themselves. And we hope it’ll be a place that can invigorate the existing restaurants, small businesses, neighborhood organizations, schools, and churches that are the lifeblood of this community.”

She concluded, “That’s what this is about for us—giving a little something back to the people and place we both love so much. We can’t wait to see it come to life.”


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