Maya Jama won't go on a blind date following Stormzy split

Maya Jama won't go on a blind date following Stormzy split


Maya Jama is so cautious about who she goes out with following her split from Stormzy that she gets pals to check her dates’ criminal records before turning up.

The TV beauty is back in the saddle after four years with the grime star, which ended in a highly publicised break-up last year.

Admitting she is nervous about the whole dating merry-go-round, Maya warned any guys hoping to pull her that she is a ‘basic bitch’.

She explained: ‘I don’t really date, ever. Most of the time I’m too paranoid to meet up with somebody I don’t know, so I’ll get my friends to do a massive CRB check on them and find out their mum’s last name and stuff.’

Maya, 26, recently shot down gossip that she has been dating Hackney rapper B Young but concedes it is time for her to start looking again. Warning she can be a dirty birdie with some of her banter, she admitted: ‘I like someone to make me laugh and I like someone who doesn’t get put off by my disgusting chat.’

That said, any bad manners and they will be shown the door.

Maya said her major turn-offs are ‘rudeness, and if we can’t have a laugh… or I’m doing all the talking’.

Ideally, she would end up not finishing her meal because she is laughing so much.

‘I want good conversation flowing and minimum awkward moments,’ she added. ‘I want to be entertained by you.’

Despite her confident demeanour, Maya is not immune to embarrassing date blunders.

Recalling one incident, during her participation in Peperami’s food-based dating research, she said: ‘I haven’t had a horrible date, but I’ve had a situation where I’ve laughed and a bit of snot has flown on to the pasta.

‘You can’t do anything because the snot is there and you’re kinda like… oops!’

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Taylor Swift found herself ‘yelling’ at her TV during the US vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris this week.

Tay-Tay, who couldn’t be any more anti-Trump, teamed up with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans and Janelle Monae to urge fans to vote in next month’s presidential elections.

Baking Joe Biden cookies to support the Democratic presidential hopeful, the 30-year-old homemaker told V magazine: ‘The change we need most is to elect a president who recognises that people of colour deserve to feel safe and represented, that women deserve the right to choose what happens to their bodies, and that the LGBTQIA+ community deserves to be acknowledged and included.’

Targeting Trump on Covid-19, she added: ‘Everyone deserves a government that takes global health risks seriously.’ Mariah, 50, added: ‘It’s an opportunity for us to honour our ancestors and elect people that we hold accountable.’

5,000 members is a Lottie to choose from

It looks like Roman Kemp’s budding romance with Lottie Moss is not a done deal… she has just signed up to a dating app.

Kate Moss’s half-sister arrived without the 27-year-old Capital DJ for the launch of lofty new site Victoria.

It has already signed up 5,000 singletons, despite a strict vetting process. The app screens potential members for up to three months before deciding whether to let them join, as it wants to attract ‘entrepreneurs, influencers and creatives’.

Model Lottie, 22, admitted she is looking forward to connecting with people from the fashion world ‘and the opportunity to meet some nice boys’, adding: ‘It’s the perfect combination of work and play!’

Where that leaves Roman, who she snogged at a private members’ club last month, is anyone’s guess.

Simon’s like the Queen… He’s the heir to the phone

David Walliams has compared Simon Cowell to the Queen because he doesn’t have a phone, making it impossible to get in touch with him.

The frustrated Britain’s Got Talent judge has to send any messages through Simon’s other half, Lauren Silverman.

David, 49, spilled to Guilty Pleasures ahead of tomorrow’s BGT final: ‘The problem is he doesn’t have a phone so he’s impossible to get hold of. Or maybe he has a phone and he just hasn’t given me his number.

‘But I keep in contact with Simon’s partner Lauren, so I get Simon bulletins through her. I think Simon loves that he can’t be contacted. He’s found a way to say, “I am sooooo important that I don’t have a phone”. I imagine it’s the same with the Queen. It’s just one of the many similarities between Her Majesty and the Queen!’

Rain dance! HRVY set to rejoin Strictly after brush with Covid

HRVY is dancing for joy after declaring he is now ‘free from Covid’ and has the green light to rejoin Strictly Come Dancing.

The singer’s appearance on the show was in doubt as he went into isolation following a positive test for coronavirus.

But in a joyful tweet yesterday HRVY said: ‘I tested negative today so I’m back, love you guys and see you all soon.’ He shared the news alongside photos of himself frolicking in the rain.

It is understood the 21-year-old’s positive virus test had a minimal impact on Strictly production. HRVY said previously: ‘I’m buzzing. I don’t think it’s the dancing — it’s the tight shirts and trousers.’

Mac’s so at Home in his face mask

Macaulay Culkin should audition for the new Scream movie after wearing a face mask based on his Home Alone role.

Mac, 40, posted on the Gram: ‘Covid-safe wearing the flayed skin of my younger self… wear your masks, kids.’

Kimberley: My dieting regrets

Kimberley Walsh now feels ‘quite sick’ that she would crash diet before Girls Aloud’s photo shoots.

Kimberley, 38, confessed: ‘I’d always crash diet before a video or a tour just to make myself feel better. I should have just been happy.’

  • Camera-shy couple Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl have shared a public cuddle… but only for Christmas. The author, 43, posed with her hubby for his festive album The Pianoman At Christmas, which drops on November 20. Jamie, 41, says there is nothing cynical about his attempt to bring Christmas cheer. ‘I set myself the task to write ten original Christmas songs that used skills and obsessions to create something uncynical and adventurous,’ he added.
  • Hoping to see Billie Eilish live? Maybe in your streams — she will be performing online after Covid sunk her tour in May. The 18-year-old Grammy winner has announced a livestream gig for October 24. Alongside a poster for the show, Billie posted on Instagram: ‘miss doing shows so muuuuuch soo I’m doing a livestream october 24th and i can’t wait to be performing agaaaain. get your tickets now!’ She is charging $30 (£23) for access to the performance, available for 24 hours.

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