Maya Jama has no time for 'ridiculous' body critics hating on her racy outfits

Maya Jama has no time for 'ridiculous' body critics hating on her racy outfits


Maya Jama has no time for those calling her out on social media for her revealing outfits.

The former Radio 1 presenter, 26, has said she finds it ‘ridiculous’ that people feel entitled to criticise her appearance and her figure – insisting that when she was ‘slimmer’ she would never get the same messages.

Following her appearance on BBC lockdown series Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer, where she had co-hosted the show with the former footballer, Maya was subjected to negative comments online about her outfit choices.

But, she insists her wardrobe and style has never changed and claims that people seem to take issue more when somebody has a fuller figure.

‘I’ve always worn the same thing but when I was slimmer nobody commented on it and as soon as you have got a fuller figure people are shocked and insulted by your body,’ she told MailOnline.

‘I found it ridiculous. I’ve been wearing the same outfits, the same cut tops, my entire career and there was never really that many comments on it until I started putting on a bit of weight,’ Maya explained.

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She’s busy.

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Criticising those that body shame and comment on the appearance of women, Maya said: ‘It’s a woman’s body – I don’t feel like it should cause such outrage.’

She dubbed the internet ‘outrage city’ and said she has learned how to cope with the trolling she is unfortunately subjected to, but Maya insisted she won’t let nasty comments get to her or change her attitude.

‘I’m going to continue to dress how I’ve always dressed no matter what size I am,’ she defiantly hit back.

And so she should.

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Escapism ..

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While Maya is known first and foremost for presenting, she has recently turned her attentions to acting and was seen making a cameo in The Duchess with Katherine Ryan.

Although, Maya has said she feels ‘under pressure’ when it comes to acting.

Speaking in the autumn issue of Wonderland, Maya said: ‘I just feel a bit pressure-y, because I think you spend so much time becoming yourself and growing into who you are, and like, everyone knowing me for me. And then now I’m just going to have to pretend to be someone else, which doesn’t come naturally.’

‘It’ll be a challenge,’ she confessed, adding: ‘It can be hard when you’re presenting shows — because you’re like the deliverer of information — not to just get lost in what everyone else wants you to be and still be able to stay true to yourself.’

On why she’s giving acting a go, Maya said she was inspired by Idris Elba, who is not only an actor but a DJ too, among other things.

‘Don’t put yourself in a box, even if other people try to,’ she said. ‘I just think people limit themselves a lot and it’s silly.’

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