Marvin Bagley-Damian Lillard beef: Rap battle ignites as Bagley drops diss track, Lillard responds

Marvin Bagley-Damian Lillard beef: Rap battle ignites as Bagley drops diss track, Lillard responds


A Marvin Bagley vs. Damian Lillard beef has emerged as the two NBA stars are showcasing their evidence of being the best rapper in the basketball world. Bagley dropped a diss track, with Lillard issuing a response via his own diss track. Now fans are debating on who the winner is, or if both should stick to hoops for the time being.

How did the Bagley vs. Lillard beef start?

Cue up Bagley with an official declaration that he’s the best rapper that also plays in the NBA. Check out his segment in the video clip below where Max Kellerman says it’s between him and Lillard for “best emcee in the NBA” today.

Bagley, Lillard drop several diss tracks

Following his First Take appearance, Bagley decided to fire more shots, this time lyrically. His track “No Debate” surfaced on SoundCloud to get things started in this basketball rap beef. Keep in mind all audio tracks below are considered NSFW with some explicit lyrics.

It’s the offseason, so the Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard also has some free time, just like Bagley. Lillard obviously heard the proclamation from Bagley on First Take. After tweeting about it earlier, he responded as a hip-hop star might do today, dropping his own diss track to take out Bagley.

Among his lines aimed at Bagley are “It’s easy, you a clown so go and enjoy the circus/Knee deep in the game and you barely scratched the surface.” He also suggests, “Put respect on my name or get disrespected/you in sac I’m from Oakland a minute from getting hectic.” Check out the Dame Dolla diss called “MARVINNNNN?” below (NSFW lyrics).

Marvin Bagley didn’t wait long to fire back at Dame. He unleashed a second diss track at Lillard called “Checkmate.” The Portland Trail Blazers All-Star answered right back again, this time with “Bye Bye.” That SoundCloud track includes a photo image of Lillard waving “bye” after hitting a game-winning and series-clinching shot to eliminate the Oklahoma City Thunder from this past postseason.

Here is the Marvin Bagley and Damian Lillard beef extended Bagley’s second diss track Checkmate via SoundCloud.

And here’s Lillard second entry in the diss track battle between basketball stars.

It will be up to fans to decide who’s the better emcee based on the diss tracks, or maybe the fans feel these two should stick to their day jobs? Either way, it’s all in fun, and one has to wonder if they’ll ever team up for a future track together similar to how other beefing hip-hop stars like Nas and Jay-Z have.

Either way, these two guys will be battling on the courts again several months from now, so stay tuned to see how this transpires over the summer.

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