Maisie Williams leaves viewers confused with incredible transformation: ‘Who is that?’

Maisie Williams leaves viewers confused with incredible transformation: ‘Who is that?’


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Maisie Williams, 24, showed off her striking new look at the Brit Awards 2021 on Monday night, as she took to the stage with stunning bleach blonde hair. Despite a simple change of hair colour, the difference in appearance was so drastic it seems, that it took viewers some time to realise who she was.


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The actress was there to present the top award of Global Icon to Taylor Swift, who is a confessed super fan of Game of Thrones.

Maisie, who played Arya Stark in the HBO hit fantasy drama, gushed over the singer as she graced the stage to accept, but fans sitting at home were still taken aback by the actress’ new lighter locks.

Writing on Twitter, viewers shared their confusion as they finally realised who was presenting the award, despite her humorous introduction by host Jack Whitehall.

“STOP IT IS THAT ARYA STARK,” one exclaimed, completely dumbfounded the didn’t recognise the “Queen of Winterfell.”

Another seemed to agree: “Oh how our Arya has grown up!” they wrote proudly.

“Who is that?! Is that really Maisie?” a third couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I can’t believe how long it took for me to work out who that was presenting Taylor,” a fourth laughed at their mistake.

“Maisie looks like a different person with blonde hair!!!” a fifth was surprised.

Someone else wasn’t so sure about her new look, saying: “OOOO I don’t know about that blonde…. but she’s so stunning!”

Whereas others disagreed, with one praising: “WOW, a woman who can pull off any hair colour.”

Fans are used to seeing the actress sporting her usual brunette look but she’s gone all out, even dying her eyebrows platinum blonde.

Even Taylor herself was stunned to meet the one and only killer of the Night King.

After coming on stage, the star-struck songstress said: “Anyone who knows me at all, knows that Game of Thrones is my life.

“So the fact that Maisie Williams was here to present this…

“I want to grab you but I can’t cause we’re social distancing!”

She added: “Thank you so much for coming here to do this,” before continuing her acceptance speech.

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