Maine Residents Filmed Fleeing to Safety During Mass Shooting

Maine Residents Filmed Fleeing to Safety During Mass Shooting


Terrified residents in Maine were filmed running for their lives as the bowling alley gunman went on his sick rampage, indiscriminately killing scores of people.

Surveillance footage images were released Wednesday night after U.S. Army Reservist Robert Card allegedly used an AR-15-style rifle to fatally shoot up to 20 people in Lewiston, while injuring 50 to 60 more. A massive police manhunt is now underway to capture him.

Many of the people at the bowling alley at the time of the shooting were part of a youth bowling league. A City official said at least one teenager was wounded. No word on whether other members of the youth league were shot.

Check out the footage … several freaked-out adults are seen sprinting past houses in a residential area after the gunfire erupted.

Although the assailant is nowhere in sight, the survivors are trying to take cover and get as far away as possible from the shooter.

Meanwhile, the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office identified Card as a suspect on Facebook and posted the two surveillance photos of him brandishing his assault rifle as he entered the bowling alley.

After allegedly shooting people there, Card then drove in a white Subaru to a bar and grill, where he allegedly pumped more bullets into his victims.

Cops later recovered Card’s abandoned the Subaru Outback in Lisbon, Maine.

State police urged residents in Lewiston, Lisbon and Bowdoin, Maine to shelter in place — the order was expanded to Bowdoin as Card is from there. Schools and businesses are closed.

Card is a trained firearms instructor with 20 years of military experience. He recently reported “hearing voices” and threatened to shoot up the National Guard Base in Saco, ME. Over the summer, he was committed to a mental institution for two weeks and released.

Following Wednesday’s massacre, Card fled and is still on the loose. He’s considered armed and dangerous.

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