Luke Parker: Devin Harris on Whether He’s a Douchey Zealot or a Fraud

Luke Parker: Devin Harris on Whether He’s a Douchey Zealot or a Fraud


The Bachelor Nation doesn’t have to follow The Bachelorette Spoilers to know that Luke Parker is the absolute worst.

We’ve all seen that creepy promo where Luke slut-shames Hannah.

Now, Bachelorette castoff Devin is discussing what he saw of Luke behind the scenes — and how the holier-than-thou act may just be an act.

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Devin Harris about what Luke Parker is really like. Is he a zealot or just a douche?

“He is very fickle and flippy floppy,” Devin assesses. “In terms of the way that he moves throughout the season.”

“Weirdly enough,” he remarks of Luke P. “When it was the guys, he’s cool enough.”

“But once Hannah becomes involved,” Devin observes. “He becomes very manipulative. … “

He then comments: “I think he has douchey tendencies.”

Then he gets into that disturbing scene where Luke talks about keeping “the marriage bed pure,” like a total creep.

Devin remarks: “He never spoke about those types of dynamics with us.”

“I think that ultimately, if Luke is following a path like that,” he expresses. “It’s important to remember that… God’s accepting.”

“He’s an accepting person,” Devin emphasizes.

“So I don’t know if really — and I’ll put this out there — I don’t know if it’s a facade,” he suggests.

Now that’s a thought.

“He’s saying he follows a certain path,” Devin continues. “That’s fine.”

“But I don’t think that passing judgment on somebody is the kindest thing you can do,” he states.

Devin is correct.

He says that this is true “especially in relationships, when it’s about accepting someone’s flaws or challenges.”

“That’s how you get to know somebody,” Devin notes. “You accept those because you accept that person.”

Devin points out that even Luke P has admitted to acting a certain way on camera.

So once again, he brings up that the audience — and Hannah — don’t truly know how much of this is fakery.

“I think there is an aspect of facade that he is portraying,” Devin suggests.

So which part is fake? What is the real Luke like? What does he hope to gain by acting like a douchey wingnut?

Devin admits to being as in the dark as the rest of us, saying: “I guess that’s what we’re all trying to figure out!”

Chris Harrison delved into Hannah’s very firm and wisely independent attitude.

He quotes Hannah: “‘No matter what you believe, my body, my choice, my life, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.'”

“‘Don’t let it hit you in the a** on the way out.’ That’s how she approaches all the men,” he explains.

“She’s very vulnerable and emotional,” Chris observes. “But don’t you dare cross her and question her decisions.”

He explains: “because this is her life and you’ve got to respect that.”

Now, Chris Harrison has also stated that he thinks that upcoming events will be polarizing among viewers.

It may depend upon their views of religion and sexuality.

That makes sense — there are lots of opinions within Christian circles, and then a whole spectrum of non-Christian views.

But the only opinion that matters at the end of the day is Hannah’s. Like she says, it’s her body.

The big question is what Luke could possibly hope to gain from whatever facade he may be putting on.

Maybe Devin’s wrong and he’s just a fanatic. Or maybe … he’s fishing to launch a career.

Plenty of washed out actors have launched new careers as conservative commentators in recent years.

Maybe Luke is treating this show as an audition for that?

If so, he’s doing a real disservice to Hannah.

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