Love Islander Faye Winter’s secret tactic to keep her man ‘revealed’ by eagle eyed fans

Love Islander Faye Winter’s secret tactic to keep her man ‘revealed’ by eagle eyed fans


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With only an hour of Love Island each night, it’s hard to get a clear look into the strategies of each contestant as they try to find love in the villa but some keen viewers think they’ve figured out Faye Winter’s tactic to make sure nobody tries to take her man Teddy.

Fans of the show think that Faye has been discouraging new girls from having an interest in Teddy by quickly developing a strong friendship with them as they enter the villa.

Fans watching this week's episodes saw new girls enter the villa for their own chance of love noticed Faye’s incredibly friendly attitude towards them.

One fan Tweeted: "Faye defo befriends the new girls as a strategy to keep them away from Teddy and I love the initiative tbh."

Another said: "Faye begs it hard with all the new girls so they’ll feel bad for taking her man. Chess not checkers lmao."

With a third sharing similar sentiment: "Faye always hugs up the new girls to create bonds so they won’t go for Teddy."

When AJ first arrived to the villa, the girls stood up on the balcony while she mingled with the guys, with Faye looking noticeably upset and mocking her entering words “eyes on the prize boys”.

Yet AJ and Faye quickly became friends soon after their first proper introduction.

New arrival Georgia spent less that 24 hours in the villa but in last nights episode she was seen jumping into bed with Faye and Teddy in order to get a cuddle with Faye.

Faye has continued to entertain fans throughout her run on the show and has not been shy about getting into arguments with housemates when things take a turn.

Last night saw Georgia dumped from the island as Hugo called out Toby’s behaviour towards Chloe throughout the episode, saying she didn’t deserve it.

Hugo ended up choosing to couple with Chloe in order to keep her in the villa after her treatment, with Toby noticeably upset by the interaction.

After the coupling, Jake was seen trying to calm Toby down as his anger grew over what Hugo said, with Faye also having a negative opinion of Hugo’s actions.

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Love Island continues on Thursday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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