Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha sparks frenzy as she strips down to bikini in cheeky video

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha sparks frenzy as she strips down to bikini in cheeky video


Nadia Sawalha mirrors Kate Ferdinand with bikini poses

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Nadia Sawalha, 57, is known for her funny pictures and videos mimicking celebrity pictures, with her most iconic outfits taking on Kim Kardashian. It was no different as the Loose Women posted a video taking on Kate Ferdinand’s, 30, holiday bikini reel, yesterday.

Work bloody hard to look this good !

Nadia Sawalha

Nadia created her own version of Kate’s bikini video to promote body positivity.

The video featured frames of herself sporting a bikini followed by snaps of the former TOWIE star Kate.

Earlier this month, Kate shared a reel of her modelling a range of bikinis, with her skimpy outfit changing every time she clicked her fingers together.

In one clip, the presenter sported a moose hat along with a white bikini, to then wearing a pink baseball cap and red bikini in the next clip.

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Meanwhile, the shots of Kate show off her enviable toned figure as she holidays in the tropical islands.

In view of her 508,000 Instagram followers, Nadia captioned her short video: “Me and the gorgeous @xkateferdinand work bloody hard to look this good !! Styling by @realhouseofhannah.

“#bikinibod #bikinibodyready #everybodyisabikinibody #bodyacceptance #over50andfabulous #over50fashion #bikiniready #bikiniseason.”

Many social media users rushed to the post’s comment section and praised the Loose Women star.

BelleHayley said: “This is why I love following you! After two kids there’s no toned stomach left for me! X.”

Bonnie_at_home added: “Nadia you’re gorgeous…. Your positive fun attitude is such an important thing for many women to see. Keep being your beautiful self x.”

Shellybean000 commented: “Love these posts you do Nadia. No filters needed. Real life right there.”

Kate, who has appeared on Loose Women, enjoyed Nadia’s lighthearted mockery of her video, as she commented: “Love this.”

Nadia is known for her funny images, recently posting a picture replicating a Kendall Jenner look.

She strapped black tape over her to replicate the controversial attire, leaving little to the imagination and showing off her ample assets.

Nadia wrote in the caption: “Oh my GOD !!! @kendalljenner is at it now ?!!! It’s bad enough her big sister is @kimkardashian always copying me !!

“For the love of god these women need to get their own sense of style !!!

“Is there someone in your life who is always copying you ?? How do you cope ???”

Elsewhere, Nadia spoke candidly about her weight on Loose Women earlier this month, after the group spoke about listing calories on restaurant menus.

As of this month, large businesses will be required to display calorie information on menus and food labels in a bid to help the public make healthier choices when eating out.

She said: “I’m so against this. Having been someone for many years who was a victim, and I do say victim, of calorie counting for many years.

“I can still remember the calories in almost anything, you can ask me something and I’ll be able to tell you [clicks fingers]. I would be making crazy decisions.”

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