‘Loki’ Stuntwoman Thanks Tom Hiddleton for Saving Her From ‘Panic Attack’ on Set

‘Loki’ Stuntwoman Thanks Tom Hiddleton for Saving Her From ‘Panic Attack’ on Set


A female stunt double for one of the ‘Loki’ cast members is grateful to the main actor for helping her from ‘teetering on a crying panic attack’ during the filming.

AceShowbiz -A “Loki” stuntwoman has publicly thanked series star Tom Hiddleston for helping her through an on-set panic attack.

Briana Darnell, who was Sophia Di Martino‘s stand-in stunt double for the project, reveals the Brit knew what was going on with her before she did, as she grew more and more frustrated with memory lapses during scenes.

“Adding to the pile of ‘@twhiddleston is a gentleman and kind human being’ stories, he unknowingly stopped me from an intense panic attack on set last year,” Darnell writes on social media. “While filming Episode 4, I had a brain injury flareup. I couldn’t keep focused and was forgetting everything @itssophiadimartino did in rehearsal. It got bad enough that Tom had to step in to tell me what to do and where to go.”

“I was insanely embarrassed as I prided myself at being good at my job, yet I couldn’t remember basic choreography.”

Darnell claims Tom realised she was struggling and decided to calm her down.

“As my internal anxiety was growing to panic levels, Tom suddenly took me by the shoulders and just held on for a minute with a gentle gaze,” she recalls. “I realized later it was actually part of the scene, thus was likely just Tom being in the moment. But I like to think somehow, subconsciously, he picked up on me needing comfort at that moment.”

“Touch is my communication style/love language and during COVID, touch was especially rare. That simple hold on my shoulders and kind eyes took me down from teetering on a crying panic attack to just mild embarrassment I could then shake off and continue working. I’ll never know if Tom did it on purpose or not, but I’ll always be grateful to him for it.”

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