Lisa Vanderpump Is Leaving "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" And She Might Take "Vanderpump Rules" Away From Bravo

Lisa Vanderpump Is Leaving "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" And She Might Take "Vanderpump Rules" Away From Bravo


It’s being reported that Lisa Vanderpump is out of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It had been rumored for quite some time that LVP was going to be hitting the road but the story kept switching. I think we can officially put the nail in her diamond-encrusted coffin at the Bravo Hen House, because she’s acting like she’s done. And it also seems like she wants to punish Andy Cohen for not giving her the edit she needed, as rumors are swirling that she wants to move Vanderpump Rules from Bravo. Oof… time to pour out a glass of Vanderpump Rosé.

E! News reports that in an interview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after-show, Lisa let it be known that she is not happy with how things shook out for her this season. The whole source of conflict for Lisa leaving, or staying on the show, surrounds how she allegedly leaked a story to RadarOnline about Dorit Kemlsey and a dog she gave to a kill shelter by accident, or something. It’s a non-issue, but it’s all RHOBH had, so it became a main plot on the show. And because Lisa got caught probably/definitely leaking the story, the women all ganged up on her, and she didn’t like that:

“To have five against one is just, you know, it’s not a good place. I just think it’s something I would never encourage and never condone…For me, I just would never be part of that.”

And then she dragged the fuck out the show which made her famous by saying that it had nothing to do with making her famous and she’s so far above it all:

“I’ve always said I’m not just a Housewife, I didn’t make a career out of being a Housewife. Housewives has documented my life. I don’t have time for bullshit negative minutiae, I don’t.”

LVP went on to say how busy she is with the businesses she has, partly thanks to Housewives:

“I will continue to run my businesses, five restaurants, the dog center, dog center in China, my political kind of activity in fighting for many things, LGBTQ, humane treatment for dogs, working with Trevor Project, the suicide prevention, Vegas, there’s only one of me. My Housewives will probably say thank God.”

So that seems to be that. Lisa it out of that hen-squawking filler-filled, blinged-out commercial for luxury goods known as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This is all coming off the heels of last night’s episode where housewife Denise Richards sat down with former regular Brandi Glanville who told her, “She does have a direct hotline to RadarOnline, to be honest.” When Denise said she didn’t know Lisa well enough to know if she leaked the story, Brandi replied, “Well, she did. For sure.”

And speaking of RadarOnline, they’re the ones who are saying she might be leaving Bravo completely. A source says that Lisa feels she’s been “dealt a dirty hand” by Bravo because they refused to air some of her philanthropic efforts which she filmed. I guess because she was refusing to film with the women, Andy had his minions treat her like a first season Housewife with no special privileges.

The source says LVP is looking “at many, many offers and options” because she’s “tired” of the disrespect of Bravo and her co-stars.

“Lisa Vanderpump is the star of two of Bravo’s highest rated series. She works 24/7 to make the shows a success. Not only did Lisa deliver the central storyline for this season of RHOBH, she also continues to deliver ratings success for Vanderpump Rules… [Lisa is] highly offended by how she’s been treated without any respect or consideration for the success she’s built for the network.”

And don’t expect her at the reunion, either:

“She was considering doing the reunion, but at the end of the day, she realized she is done with that part of her life… Lisa is being burned at the stake, nailed to the cross, and stoned by her co-stars all at the same time… It should come as no surprise that Lisa is considering offers from competitor networks that treat their talent with dignity and respect… Lisa always wins.”

Yup that’s Lisa Vanderpump. She’s literally Jesus. She’s out here saving dogs, and delivering us catty drama from hot twenty-somethings, and then she leaks one story to the tabloids about a friend and suddenly it’s a problem? Wow. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


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