Lady Louise Windsor could style herself as an HRH princess next Monday

Lady Louise Windsor could style herself as an HRH princess next Monday


We’ll likely hear a lot about Lady Louise Windsor in the coming days and weeks. Her 18th birthday is November 8th. That will be the day in which she can decide how she wants to be “styled,” what her titles will be and whether she will be an HRH. As part of the deal that Prince Edward made with the Queen when he married Sophie, they agreed to take the Wessex titles and raise their children without the HRH style. The Queen and Prince Philip made it known that they wanted Edward to take his father’s “Duke of Edinburgh” title when Philip passed as well. So… months after Philip passed, Edward still didn’t have his hands on the title, because it belongs to Prince Charles now, and Charles wants to keep the DoE title for himself. Which has caused a lot of frustration in Camp Wessex, and in retaliation, they’re probably going to convince Lady Louise to take a princess title and an HRH style on her 18th birthday. The royal press loves this, because they need a new, young princess to devour.

Lady Louise celebrates her 18th birthday on Monday. Like everyone else when they reach the landmark birthday, she will be eligible to vote and allowed to drink alcohol in a pub. Unlike everyone else, however, she has a big royal decision to make.

Her parents Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex opted against giving her and her brother James, Viscount of Severn, the HRH titles they are entitled to from birth. Instead, Louise and James can choose to use them upon turning 18, should they so wish to.

Royal expert Howard Hodgson told that Louise could take on royal duties if she wishes to. He argued that Princess Anne is quite far down the line of succession and continues to be one of the hardest working royals. However, she will need to slow down at some point, which could leave an opportunity for her niece Louise.

He said: “If she puts her hand up and says ‘I want to take on board royal duties’, I’m sure the PR machine isn’t going to throw her into the spotlight. But she will certainly be able to work and go out and do that without any shadow of a doubt because there is enough to go around. Princess Anne is in her seventies now, she is second only to Prince Charles in terms of public duties. She would want to take it easy at some point. So there is a gap there.”

[From The Daily Express]

It’s been clear throughout the year that Sophie and Edward are behaving like stage parents, pushing their shy, sheltered kid into the spotlight and, in essence, feeding her to the wolves of the royal press pack. It will get even more uncomfortable if Louise does become a princess. There’s a timing issue here too, not just with Louise’s 18th birthday. From what I understand, Louise doesn’t actually have to make the decision on her birthday. She could decide a year from now that she wants to be an HRH princess. But the only way she has that ability to style herself that way is as the grandchild of the monarch. As in, when Charles becomes king, she’ll be the monarch’s niece and she’ll be stuck with whatever title she has at the time the Queen passes. Which is why I believe Sophie and Edward will push her to become a princess sooner rather than later, because Charles wouldn’t be able to take her HRH away when he’s king. Or, he wouldn’t be able to do that very easily.

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