Lady Leshurr ‘triggered’ by Black Lives Matter protests after racial abuse

Lady Leshurr ‘triggered’ by Black Lives Matter protests after racial abuse


Lady Leshurr has heaped praise on celebrities like Misha B for speaking out about their experiences with racism and discrimination, stating she’s ‘proud’ of the black community. 

The Queen’s Speech rapper has herself been subjected to racism in the past and admits the recent spate of Black Lives Matter protests have been ‘triggering’ for her. 

But she admires the likes of Misha B and Alexandra Burke who have used their platforms to speak out about the racially-charged incidents they’ve experienced in the showbiz industry. 

Speaking exclusively to, Lady Leshurr said: ‘It really makes my heart smile that finally we can talk. It’s frustrating because you can have a conversation with people sometimes and if you express yourself through hand movements or gestures, it can be seen as aggressive. 

‘I’m so proud. I’m proud of my people to finally be confident to talk about things we felt we could never speak about because we thought we’d lose our career or people [around us]. It just makes me really proud and happy.’ 

Black Lives Matter protests unfolded around the world following the death of George Floyd, who was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes during an arrest. 

However the mounting conversation about racism in the UK has stirred painful memories for Lady Leshurr, who admitted: ‘When I first heard about the George Floyd situation, it just infuriated me for so many reasons. It just did not sit well with me. 

‘Because I’ve experienced racial abuse before, it just really triggered me back to that point. I’ve always forced myself to forget that situation but I know there’s certain experiences that make them change as a person and me seeing that, it made me upset, angry, hurt.’ 

Sharing her fears for the future, Leshurr added: ‘For me, it’s just never going to end. There’s always protests and riots that happen when the police shoot another black person and then nothing’s done.’

But she added optimistically: ‘Celebrities are speaking out about it – people who could be putting their jobs on the line because they feel they can’t say certain things.

‘But it’s had so much support that there’s so much awareness now that the people who could be racist and they don’t know that they’re racist because they’ve been conditionally brought up in an environment where people have told them, “Black people are dirty, black people are racist”, they’re starting to understand a bit more.

‘They’re willing to unlearn what they’ve learnt and educate themselves on things they know nothing about. 

‘I think it’s definitely going to do the world of good now.’ 

Lady Leshurr has been keeping fans entertained during the lockdown with her new EP Quaranqueen, while also appearing on screens in a new Olay advert after landing an endorsement deal. 

While most fans have been supportive of Leshurr’s incredible partnership with the skincare brand, others have accused her of ‘losing integrity’. 

Defending herself, the 31-year-old musician explained: ‘I don’t want people to assume now that Olay has just reached out to me off the back of the BLM movement because it was never that. I’ve been working with them for two years now and we did the first advert mid last year. 

‘I’m just happy to be the first black ambassador in the UK. People will always have their opinions but I just do what I stand for and represent. I have my integrity so nobody can ever call me out my name because I only work with people I want to.

‘I don’t do it for the money.’ 

Lady Leshurr’s Quaranteen EP is out now and she will also be taking part in the Drive-In Club event in Brent Cross from 3 July.

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