‘King and Queen’s ‘attractive’ equerries make royals more appealing’

‘King and Queen’s ‘attractive’ equerries make royals more appealing’


Whenever the King and Queen appear in public, they are always drawing attention to the many charitable causes that occupy a special place in their hearts – be it helping young people, the environment, promoting literature or supporting domestic abuse survivors.

As well as tirelessly dedicating their time to supporting the good work of others, the couple are always surrounded by their team of devoted members of staff.

And, thanks to the prevalence of social media, two members of Their Majesties staff often attract comments online owing to their good looks.

While she is quick to point out that it is unlikely the royal couple choose their Equerries based on their appearance, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond tells OK! that this additional attention is a benefit as it draws younger generations in to learn about what the Royal Family do.

Speaking about the King's 'Super Equerry' Lt Colonel Johnny Thompson and Queen Camilla's Equerry Major Ollie Plunket, Jennie laughs: "I very much doubt that Charles and Camilla choose their equerries for their looks, but it has to be said, these two are pretty hot!

"And it can’t do any harm to have the younger generation sit up and take note of royal events, even if it is mostly to admire the good looks of the equerries. Online comments about Johnny and Ollie all help to draw attention to what the King and Queen are doing.

"In my experience, equerries are unfailingly well-mannered and polite and, of course, they display that essential quality of discretion. They always made me feel welcome, whilst protecting their principals with an invisible ring of steel."

Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Thompson was recently promoted to a job which has been named a 'Super Equerry' after he was tipped to leave the army within the next 18-months.

When he is not carrying out his official role, the 40-year old, who is originally from Northumberland, lives in Surrey with his wife, Caroline, and their four-year-old son, as well as two Labradors, Odin and Piper. He joined the army in 2006 and worked as a Platoon commander in the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Major Ollie Plunket, on the other hand, is Queen Camilla's equerry. He serves in The Rifles, the regiment of which Camilla has been colonel-in-chief since 2020, after succeeding Prince Philip.

The role of the Equerry is very important and they enjoy an incredibly close relationship with their Principal. The holder of the role is an officer from one of the Armed Services who is often handpicked by the royal themselves.

They do everything from helping to look after royal diaries to accompanying the royals to official events and supporting their relationships with the military.

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