Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: Have Fun in Boston! I’m Staying Here!

Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: Have Fun in Boston! I’m Staying Here!


The trouble with dating basketball players is that you’re suddenly playing second fiddle to their sports careers.

Tristan Thompson is bound for Boston. But Khloe isn’t following him there, and neither is True.

Tristan has signed up with a sports team known as the Boston Celtics.

(A little research tells us that the team name is misprounced as “Seltics” because, when the team gained name recognition, most people didn’t know better yet)

However, it sounds like this hefty and profitable contract for Tristan is going to mean a major paradigm shift for his personal life.

The trouble with the Boston Celtics, aside from pronunciation issues, is that they are located in Boston.

(Worth noting that the historic rivalry between Boston and Los Angeles may be at play here)

Tristan’s 2-year contract will earn him $19 million … but it will mean that he will have to trade West Coast desert for the East Coast.

TMZ is consistently a solid source when it comes to inside information on the Kardashians.

Their sources say that Khloe will not be uprooting her life in Los Angeles to move with Tristan.

They also say that she won’t be turning True’s world upside down, either.

That said, Khloe does plan to make any number of extended visits to Boston.

When she does, the primary purpose will be to bring her two-year-old sweetheart to see her father.

This will be when Khloe’s schedule and Tristan’s align.

Los Angeles will remain True and Khloe’s home, however.

Insiders dish that True has her routines and habits. She lives near family and particularly her precious cousins.

Neither Khloe nor Tristan want to rob True of that, particularly during these vital stages of early development.

Instead of toppling True’s developing sense of order, they are planning on making all of this work long-distance.

That can be a tricky prospect for any parents, as many families have discovered over the years.

However, factors such as Khloe and Tristan’s tremendous wealth will make it a lot easier.

We all remember the time when Khloe seemed determined to reside in Cleveland, long term, when Tristan was with the Cavaliers.

Khloe even ended up giving birth in Cleveland … going into labor just one day after Tristan’s (first) major cheating scandal blew wide open.

In light of that, however, she did wisely change her mind (eventually) and move back to Calabasas to be around people who actually respect her.

Tristan of course eventually moved close to Khloe and got back with her.

Her true reasons are her own, but fans believe that she feels overly attached to the man who happened to help conceive her daughter and wants to give true an uncomplicated home life.

That unrealistic goal aside, others think that Khloe is just super horny for Tristan and allows him to talk his way back into her life.

This changed of course after Tristan was again spotted hooking up with random women, which culminated in Tristan giving Jordyn Woods an unsolicited kiss.

Though by all accounts Tristan was the villain in that story, Khloe acted as though Jordyn had crept into his room while he slept like a sleep paralysis demon and seduced him.

The result was that Khloe broke up with Tristan and the Kardashians tried to ruin Jordyn’s life.

More recently, of course, Tristan was once again able to weasel his way back into Khloe’s heart.

Maybe she has a humiliation kink and is secretly looking forward to the next time that he cheats. Maybe she’s content to only stay mad at the women and not at him.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to keep an eye on what Tristan gets up to when he and Khloe are on opposite sides of the country.

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