Khloe Kardashian: A New Face Will Help Heal My Heartache!

Khloe Kardashian: A New Face Will Help Heal My Heartache!


Khloe Kardashian has been having a very, very hard time.

Sure, she’s got a huge family that, despite the constant drama, is pretty tight, and yes, she’s got buckets and buckets of money.

But does any of that matter when she just keeps on losing in love?

Well, yes.

That’s a lot more than many people have — she can confide in any one of her sisters, and if she can’t reach them, she can always dry her tears with cash or diamonds or whatever else rich people have laying around the house.

Still … there’s no question that times are tough on the romance front.

The whole thing is a mess, and it’s been going on for so long.

We’ll have to jump around to get the full effect, but everything centers around one fact, and that is that Tristan Thompson is garbage.

Just over a year ago, days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter, True, we all learned that he had been cheating on her during her pregnancy.

She really struggled with the news, which was obviously understandable, but ultimately, she decided to stay with him and try to make it work.

It did not work.

Back in February, there was an incident involving Tristan and Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s former best friend.

The two were at a party together, and something happened — some witnesses claimed they made out, others have reported that they’d actually been carrying on an affair for a while.

Jordyn has maintained that Tristan just kissed her on the mouth as he left theparty, but whatever happened, it was clear that Tristan had done something wrong.

And for Khloe, that was the final straw.

She broke up with Tristan for good, but the drama was far from over.

Cameras were rolling while everything was happening, of course, and we’re now seeing everything play out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Jordan Craig, Tristan’s ex and the mother of his first child, has decided that now would be a good time to discuss the rumors that Tristan cheated on her with Khloe during her pregnancy.

In some recent court documents, Jordan confirmed what we all pretty much knew — Tristan was still with her when he began seeing Khloe.

Khloe has since apologized, saying that she thought Tristan was single at the beginning of their relationship because he showed her “physical proof” of it.

She also said that “His best friends, business associates and even his mother told me, him and his ex were broken up before we even met.”

It’s a little much that Khloe felt the need to interview everyone in Tristan’s life to see if he was really single — and it’s definitely too much that she seemed even the tiniest bit surprised when it turned out he was unfaithful to her.

For over a year now, Khloe has been soothing her pain by sharing inspirational quotes on social media, and if you’ve followed any news about her at all, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

But now, thanks to a brand new selfie she just posted, it seems she’s found another way to cope, too.

Because how are you going to feel sad when you don’t even look like the person you were when your relationship fell apart?!

Here’s her latest look:

It’s … different, right?

And if you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s weird about this, don’t worry, because her followers were quick to leave their thoughts.

“That’s not Khloe,” one person commented. “Where is she?”

“I honestly couldn’t tell which Kardashian this was for a moment, I had to look at the name,” another person said.

A fan wrote “Giiiiiiirl I adore u but what the hell did you do to your nose?”

“Is that a Klone?” someone else asked. “Because it sure isn’t Khloe.”

Countless people said that she looks like Kim, and lots said that they even thought this was a photo of Kim.

Others couldn’t even tell who was pictured.

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Obviously we can’t say for sure that she’s gotten plastic surgery — a number of things could be making her look different here.

But one this is for sure, and that’s that she really, really does look different.

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