Ken Walker and Alleged Side Chick Confirm His Butt Touching in Response to Cheating Allegation

Ken Walker and Alleged Side Chick Confirm His Butt Touching in Response to Cheating Allegation


Though both the YouTube star and Morgan Pierce admit he inappropriately touched her in the viral video, they insist that there was no flirting and they had no contact prior or after their brief conversation.

AceShowbizKen Walker and his alleged side chick have spoken up after he’s accused of cheating on his fiancee De’arra. The popular YouTube star took to his Instagram Stories on Friday, November 13 to post a lengthy statement addressing the allegation that sparked after he’s caught cozying up to a woman, who has been identified as Morgan Pierce.

Labeling the Internet reports as “false,” Ken said that he only had a “brief” interaction with Morgan that lasted no more than 5 minutes after they were introduced “at the lounge” while attending the same celebration. “We ALL leave out the lounge having a conversation and there was zero flirting involved,” he wrote.

Ken admitted that he “inappropriately touched her butt” while giving her a hug, but insisted that they didn’t talk before or after that night. “It was a mistake on my part and I won’t make excuses for it because it hurt people I care about,” he acknowledged.

Stressing that “there was no hidden motives, no contact information was exchanged, no kisses,” he again apologized “for being in that situation and not being smart enough.” He also apologized to his fiancee, adding, “I’m sorry De’arra, you don’t deserve the pain I’ve caused, the embarrassment you’ve suffered or the hurt I’ve brought onto you.”

Ken, who claimed that he got death threats over the cheating rumor, went on hitting back at the haters, “To the people reaching out with death threats, hope they make you feel better by telling me to kill myself.”

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Morgan echoed Ken’s denial in her own, posting on her Instagram Stories, “Just so my end is clear this will be the only post I make. Lemme start by apologizing to Ken as well as Dearra. Had no type of intentions of ruining a relationship.”

She corroborated Ken’s story of their brief conversation, saying, “We had a very brief conversation. We WERE NOT flirting. We have not had any communication before or after the video we hugged and then he touched my butt.”

“If you continue to watch I stepped back and leaned on the car. I was not rubbing on him. I didn’t go home with him didn’t even go to his car,” she insisted. “With all the death threats and foul words on my parenting and well being, I pray y’all feel good about those.”

Morgan’s husband Elijah Pierce previously confirmed that the woman in the video with Ken was his wife and informed his followers that he’s going to divorce her. “This would be the final straw. I will be filing for divorce,” he said during an Instagram Live.

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