Kelsea Ballerini Created Sangria with Moonshine and IDK If I'm Terrified or Excited

Kelsea Ballerini Created Sangria with Moonshine and IDK If I'm Terrified or Excited


In this episode of Stir Crazy, things got pretty, welp, cuh-raaay-zy. I may just be biased because I love this video but, in all honesty, Kelsea Ballerini needs to be cooking up a cocktail cookbook ASAP because girl knows her stuff. Maybe. I mean moonshine in sangria? That’s somethin’ else.

Kelsea decided that she was going to whip up her own type of “sangria” based on the ingredients she had in her kitchen. The country singer didn’t exactly have everything the traditional drink called for, but she worked with what she got! She pulled up with some *cheap* red wine because as we all know this is a household essential and the base of sangria too coincidentally! She then gathered nectarines/tangerines (who knows, tbh), an apple, cointreau, and some one-of-a-kind sweet tea moonshine. Am I the only one cringing right now??

So, usually in an ideal situation, a fully equipped person would make sangria in a pitcher of some sort. But, in Kelsea’s case, she opted for a nice vase instead because who just casually has a pitcher in their house unless you’re Ina Garten. Once she had her beautiful flower container ready, she added in all of her fruits and booze and stirred it all up. As one does with sangria, she put in the fridge for about five hours before actually drinking it to let all the ~elements~ fuse and work its magic together.

During the hours-long break, Kelsea decided to take the time to search for the *chef’s kiss* glass to drank her cocktail in. Because presentation is KEY. Out of her eclectic range of fancy cups, she went with the one that holds an entire glass of wine. Perfect choice but also, um, where can I cop one of these bbs???

Curious about what this seemingly delicious, yet kind of scary alcoholic drink tastes like? The only way to know is to try for yourself!! Kelsea said it taste like a “Friday night party in a glass” and I just may have found my forever pre-game go-to? 😂Give it a go though and let us know!

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