Katie Price accused of photoshopping her tiny waist after surgery

Katie Price accused of photoshopping her tiny waist after surgery


She’s been open about her weight struggles lately, but now Katie Price has been accused of photoshopping her waist on Instagram.


Sharing a picture of herself dressed in a red crop top and leggings with her son Junior, Katie wrote: ‘My body is getting there after surgery.’

But not everyone is convinced that her new trim figure is simply down to surgery, with many pointing out the blurry grill on the car behind her.


One unamused fan commented: ‘Oh come on! Your photoshop skills are worse than mine!’

Another joked: ‘Good job with the photoshop. Keep it up, a new career ahead.’

A third pointed out: ‘Don’t be fooled by this picture. It’s been badly photoshopped. Look at the car grill behind her!’

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Katie has made no secret of the fact that she feels uncomfortable about her body at the moment.

Speaking on Loose Women last month, she admitted: ‘I’m normally – not that it matters – 52kg. I’m now 63kg.

‘I’ve never, ever, ever had to worry before.

‘Everyone used to say: “You wait till you get to 40, it will change,” and I said: “Nah, I just eat what I want.”

‘But overnight it has all changed. I’ve got dimples here and here. I have put on weight and I look disgusting at the moment.’

She added that while she has joined a gym, she’s only used the spa facility so far.

‘I’m going to do something about it. I joined a gym and all I go on about is the spa and the treatments,’ she confessed.

‘I haven’t actually been to the gym in there yet. I keep going in, lying on their day bed and eating.’

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