Jo Whiley misses radio show as sister is 'very poorly' in hospital with Covid-19

Jo Whiley misses radio show as sister is 'very poorly' in hospital with Covid-19


Jo Whiley has pulled out of hosting her BBC Radio 2 show, following news her sister is ‘very poorly’ in hospital with coronavirus.

The radio presenter, 55, revealed just days ago that her sister Frances, who has learning difficulties, genetic syndrome Cri du Chat and diabetes, had tested positive for Covid-19.

Her diagnosis came as Jo campaigned for her vulnerable sister to be given the coronavirus vaccine, and she was actually invited up to have the jab before her sibling.

Sharing an update on her sister, Jo told fans that she is feeling ‘very scared’ as her sister is now very unwell in hospital.

Alongside a picture of her sister, Jo tweeted: ‘I can’t do my @BBCRadio2 show this evening. My sister Frances is v poorly in hospital with Covid.

‘I don’t feel shiny or happy tonight, I feel very scared. However I’ll be listening to @willyoung who I know will light up our kitchen in the depths of our darkness.’

She later confirmed Frances had tested positive for coronavirus on Twitter.

‘Feel like I’m in a terrible film with bad plot twists. Late last night I got a call to say that Frances, my sister, had tested positive & has Covid-19,’ Jo shared.

‘Our worst fears realised after keeping her safe for a year & with a vaccine so close… she’s OK so far… Everything crossed.’

She continued: ‘People with learning difficulties are neglected. They haven’t got a voice, they haven’t got anybody there. Just badgering everybody saying, “What about me? Help me out here”.

‘I would give up my vaccine in a heartbeat if I could for my sister and any of the residents in her house to have their vaccine. It just does not feel right.’

After vaccinating the top four priority groups ahead of target, the government is now rolling out the vaccine to those in the next five groups (roughly 17million people) with the aim of everyone in those groups being vaccinated by the end of April.

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