Jane McDonald was on ‘dark path’ after fiance’s death before family sparked hope

Jane McDonald was on ‘dark path’ after fiance’s death before family sparked hope


Loose Women: Jane McDonald emotional over late fiancé

Back in November 2021, eight months after the death of her late fiance Eddie Rothe, Jane McDonald revealed that she had been on a “dark path”.

Jane, now 60, told the Loose Women panel at the time that she had been left devastated over his death from lung cancer that ended their happy, 13-year relationship.

“13 years of absolute bliss and that’s how I’m getting through it,” Jane admitted on the ITV show. 

“I’m not thinking of the last six months because it was horrendous. I’m thinking how grateful I’ve been for such a wonderful…” she continued, while suppressing a sob.

“I’m not good at being sad. I’m not good at this. I’m not good at crying.

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“So everyday when I wake up and I get that thud, like someone’s just hit me…

“I think, ‘Are you going to go down the dark path, where you’ve been for the last year? Or are you going to be grateful for everything you’ve got in your life and grateful for the time you had with him and remember him how I want to remember him?”

Loose Women panellist Carol McGiffin said that she thought Jane’s approach was a “great way to deal with” loss, adding that it was best “not to shy away” from happy memories. 

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A year later, Jane opened up about how a “new man” in her family had filled her life with joy after such a tough time. 

The singer and TV star revealed her niece had sweetly named her new baby boy after Eddie.

A smiling Jane told the Loose women about the touching tribute, as she gushed: “He’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it.

“My niece Katie has had a little baby boy and they’ve called him Ed. He’s just gorgeous. I’m loving it and relishing it and spending time with Katie and Tom and my family and just seeing this new life.

“I’m so in love, I didn’t know you could feel that,” she added.

In 2008 Jane reunited with Eddie after the pair first met and dated as teenagers in the 1980s.

Eddie, who was also a member of the band The Searchers, proposed to Jane on 24 December 2008 and the remained engaged for 13 years until his sad death. 

A year on, Jane revealed to the Loose Women that she was doing “so much better” and that the love and support from her family and friends “got me through it”.

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