Isabela Moner Changes Her Name To Isabela Mercad In Honor of Her Grandmother

Isabela Moner Changes Her Name To Isabela Mercad In Honor of Her Grandmother


Isabela Moner just revealed that she’s changed her name to Isabela Mercad, just as she launches new music.

In an interview with Refinery29, the 18-year-old actress and singer explained the change.

“This is when I begin writing my own story as Isabela Merced. This has been a very difficult year for my brothers, mom, and me. This is how I say goodbye to that and welcome a new chapter with those who are close to me,” she shared. “Isabela Merced represents everything that has and will continue to define me. It represents the values that were passed on from my grandmother.”

Isabela adds of her grandmother, who she never met: “She was a force of nature, unafraid of anything, always ready to take on every challenge and person that said she couldn’t. At the same time, she loved her familia; nothing came before that. Her ideal day would be a day at the beach with the family, music, dancing, and eating alitas (chicken wings) or ceviche. This is me! I hope this continues on my grandmother’s legacy because she left us too soon.”

“I had been thinking [about this] for some time,” she admits later on about changing her name, “[and] it would have to do something with her. I believe some force, throughout all these years, has been giving my mom the strength and determination to guide me; a force that has been protecting us through so many journeys, trips, and experiences. I feel as though if that guardian angel would be anyone, it would be my grandma.”

Isabela‘s new single, “Papi, is set to debut soon.

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