Inside Love Island Harley’s mum’s glamorous past including two celeb romances

Inside Love Island Harley’s mum’s glamorous past including two celeb romances


The Love Island villa is set for a major shake-up with the arrival of stunning Geordie lass Harley Brash.

20-year-old estate agent Harley is one of three bombshells entering the villa in the lead up to the finale hoping to turn the heads of the original castmates.

Ahead of her arrival, Harley's very glamorous mum Lisa has predicted she'll have no trouble dealing with the amount of attention an appearance on the show is about to unleash unleash.

Lisa is by no means a stranger to the limelight having been linked to high profile celebrities Robbie Williams and Paul Gascoigne in the past.

The former probation officer had a chance meeting with Robbie in 2005 when she was invited as a plus one to a showbiz party held at Newcastle's football ground.

Speaking at the time, Lisa said that instead of gossiping with celeb pals, she was stunned when the Angels singer made a beeline for her at the bash.

She said Robbie listened away as she chatted about the nitty-gritty of her job trying to help young criminals and drug addicts.

After some kissing and cuddling the two swapped numbers.

The single mum was then swept off her feet when the multi-millionaire spent a week wooing her before inviting her over to his penthouse apartment.

Recalling the moment they first made love at Robbie's posh Chelsea Harbour pad in London, Lisa previously said: "Sitting there with the lights from the Thames coming through his windows he suddenly reached over and pulled me to him for a snog.

"He was in jogging pants and bare-chested. His muscles and tattoos looked fantastic in the moonlight and I was wildly turned on.

"I'm quite shy about my body because I think I'm too thin and when he lifted my top off I was really nervous.

"He sensed it and said: 'Don't be shy – if you could see how great you look you'd be as delighted as I am.'

"Then he began to kiss and lick the circle of flowers tattooed around my belly button before sliding down and stripping me naked."

Speaking to the press at the time, Lisa said: "It wasn't wild wham-bam breathtaking sex but he was a wonderful lover. There were no acrobatics and we stayed in a loving missionary position which was just perfect.

"He made me feel very loved, all the time paying me compliments."

She added that Robbie even told her she turned him on more than his supermodel ex Rachel Hunter.

While the pair had tried to continue their fling in secret their affair was uncovered and they found themselves in a storm of publicity.

As more details leaked of their romance, Robbie pulled the plug.

Lisa said she was left devastated by their split as the pop star stopped returning her calls.

The mum now reckons her past dalliances with fame will have helped her daughter Harley for what awaits her after her time in the villa as she's 'lived through it all with me.'

Lisa told The Sheilds Gazette: "She is a very clever girl and she will know how to handle herself.

“She will do fine and she will have her whole family to support her when she gets back.”

Adding: "She is absolutely stunning and everybody will see that she has got a lovely personality.

“I am extremely proud of her – how could you not be proud of her?”

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