Inside Justin Bieber’s epic mansion as he attempts to flog the $9 million pad

Inside Justin Bieber’s epic mansion as he attempts to flog the $9 million pad


Pop megastar, model, global heartthrob – Justin Bieber's got a lot of things on his list, but real estate's not one of them.

After his marriage to the beautiful Hailey Baldwin, Justin's looking to sell up the gorgeous Tropics mansion in California's Beverley Hills.

His solution – head to Instagram and flaunt the pad in all its extravagant luxury.

The Sorry singer seems to be very proud of his house's stairs, as many of his posts have featured shots looking up or down a staircase (no surprises, there's more than one).

One leads down into what looks to be a wine cellar, and is complemented by a neon "The Tropics" sign, the name of the house.

The other runs up a wall lined with a colourful collection of old skate boards, a modern urban dash in Justin's otherwise quite chilled-out-in-vibe house.

Other shots show some kitchen-esque areas, that open onto luxurious but classy living areas.

This is where Justin really gets to show off the pad – the sweeping spaces and floor to ceiling windows give a huge amount of room and streaming natural daylight.

Whoever ends up moving in certainly won't be pressed for space.

Despite the size of it all, Justin's been sure to show fans that it can definitely be a cozy space as well.

Yet another living area, where the pop star's stretched out his legs, boasts some seriously wacky taste in art.

A painting reading "I love you!" can be seen on the wall, as well as some weird looking stuffed toys.

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