‘Hope animals are OK!’ Matt Baker’s family leave fans concerned with update from the farm

‘Hope animals are OK!’ Matt Baker’s family leave fans concerned with update from the farm


Matt Baker discusses his wife creating a recipe book

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Our Farm In The Dales star Matt Baker’s mother took to Instagram to reveal the news to her 24,400 followers, sparking fear over whether the family’s large collection of animals on site were safe.

“No elec this morning – a snowy wild & windy night,” the message read on the app.



“Waiting for sunrise to check outside… hope you are all ok.

“Meantime earl grey by wood burner stove & lit by candles & fairy lights ..could be worse!”

Matt is rarely deterred by weather, having grown up in the same remote Durham hills area where he and wife Nicola, alongside his elderly parents, now run a sheep farming business.

The Instagram profile sees the family describe themselves as “1000ft up lovin life with our heads in the clouds”.

Fans were keen to leave messages of support as the family waited for the power to be restored.

“Looks pawfect [but] bet its a different story outside!” pointed out redbobmarley in a reference to the animals, adding: “Stay safe frens!”(sic)

“Oh man. Snow looks pretty but it does make life hard work,” judithbarnett sympathised.

“Stay safe and warm, hope electricity is restored soon,” added warwicklyn.

In reference to the bitterly cold, snowy, and stormy weather that has swept across parts of the country recently, auntiedusty described it as “definitely the wildest weekend we’ve had in a long time”.

“Hope all is good and everyone and the animals are safe when you do get a chance to check,” she added.

Not everyone understood the potentially arduous situation, however, with some merely saying how “magical” the farmhouse looked as winter approached.

Meanwhile, Matt will be grateful for his mother’s continued Instagram presence and updates.

The Countryfile presenter originally began Our Farm In The Dales after his mum suffered an injury when a flock of sheep knocked her down, leaving her unable to do many of the necessary tasks.

He commented in an earlier interview with Express.co.uk that “as far as the farm is concerned, my mum is the driving force.

“She’s always the shepherdess, she’s an incredible shepherdess my mum.”

Matt continued: “It’s great to have such a capable family, that’s the world I’ve grown up in, it’s kind of all I’ve known really.”

The work on the farm has spread across three generations now, with his two children Luke and Molly regularly featuring on the All 4 programme.

“My children are always very helpful, they’re always there to do what they can, it’s how we roll,” Matt has explained.

Meanwhile his wife Nicola is becoming a star in her own right, with her delicious cake recipes delighting foodies on Instagram.

Although the closing credits have now rolled on the last episode of series two, there’s no doubt plenty in store from this farming family in the future.

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