Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts speaks out on home disaster ‘It’s a nightmare!’

Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts speaks out on home disaster ‘It’s a nightmare!’


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Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showing how he had attempted to fix an initial towel rail leak, but in doing so, he ended up with multiple issues. The DIY guru then tweeted his followers urging them to watch the video if they needed cheering up on a “tough Monday” as the humorous antics ensued.

Generally cheesed off

Martin Roberts

He tweeted: “If you’re having a tough Monday morning or generally cheesed off, so was I when I experienced this DIY DISASTER. Hope this cheers you up!”

In the video, Martin can be seen playing himself and fictional character Wise Alec.

Martin demonstrated how he tried to initially fix the leak by tightening it with his spanner, however, Wise Alec continued to offer him advice.

He said: “I’m just trying to fix this towel rail, there’s been this horrible leak, so all I was trying to do is tighten this bit here with my spanner which I did successfully. However, in doing that, this one here has started leaking! 


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Wise Alec interjected: “You should have wiggled it. You should have wiggled it in the first place.”

Martin continued: “If you thought that bit was complicated, look at this bit. You have got this bit which is connected to that bit which is connected to this bit. Guess which parts of them actually move, all of them!”

Wise Alec tutted, adding: “Cause more problems than it’s worth. Should have got a bloke in to do the job. I could have done it for you. Cost a few quid but I would have done it for you right. Wouldn’t have wiggled it.”

The presenter conceded that the DIY repair job was a “nightmare” as the water got all “over the floor”.

The star has been posting hilarious videos of various household faults that have arisen during lockdown for his 1.88k subscribers.

He has also provided his expert opinion on all things to do with renovating property on BBC hit series, Homes Under The Hammer since 2003.

The current episodes are pre-recorded as filming for the latest series was postponed due to the coronavirus. 

Away from his working life, the 56-year-old is married to Kirsty Roberts and the couple share two children Megan and Scott.

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During the recent lockdown, he has spent increasing amounts of time in his household, and recently had to get something off his “chest”.

On Twitter, he confessed to binge-watching hit American musical sitcom Glee.

Martin shared a photo of himself clutching the boxset of the popular series on his account.

He wrote: “It’s confession Wednesday. I’m working my way through the boxed set of GLEE with my daughter.


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“Never saw it the first time round and it’s brilliant. There you go. Off my chest. What’s your confession?” (sic)

The presenter has also been taking time out to help raise funds for the NSPCC and shared a picture of himself reading Kids book Sadsville online.

The charity commented: “Hi Martin. Thank you so much for your support, it’s invaluable in helping us fight for #EveryChildhood”

He replied: “To think I may have helped just one child come into your loving protection is more important to me than all the fame or money in the world.”

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