Gina Kirschenheiter Details Estranged Husband Abuse, Says He Threatened to Kill Her

Gina Kirschenheiter Details Estranged Husband Abuse, Says He Threatened to Kill Her



What you are about to read is very disturbing.

We cannot substantiate the claims made in new legal documents by Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter — but we can say what she alleges about her estranged husband is awfully troubling if true.

Four days after Matthew Kirschenheiter was arrested on suspicions relating to domestic violence, the Gina has revealed some seemingly awful behavior on his part in just-filed court papers.

The couple got married in 2010 and Gina filed for a restraining order on June 25.

According to this restraining order request, obtained by Us Weekly, Matthew threatened to kill his wife after the two went out on June 22.

“Around 2:00 a.m., I awoke to the sound of someone pounding on my door and repeatedly ringing the doorbell,” she wrote in these documents, adding:

“I went downstairs and checked the door, but no one was there.

“[Matthew] had somehow gotten into my house and was furious. He told me his phone died and he had to walk home, and that he had been at my door for an hour.”

After Gina told her estranged husband that she couldn’t hear him at the door, he allegedly “became enraged.”

This is where she says things turned violent.

“He threw me on the couch and threw some of the furniture around. I was scared and tried to get up, but he threw me down on the couch again. He was so angry; he was profusely sweating from head to toe. I was terrified,” Gina alleges.

“[Matthew] was screaming in my face saying he was going to f-cking kill me. He ripped my bra strap off, then took a pillow and hit me on the side of the head with it hard. M

“My ears rang. I begged him to stop… to calm down… but he kept hitting me.”

From there, Gina detailed how Matthew walked away and she left the house to get assistance from a neighbor.

He then allegedly “dragged” her back to their house, which is when Gina claims he threatened to murder her again.

“His eyes were black and nothing I said could bring him back to reality.

“Even when I was begging and pleading with him to stop because our children were home too, it had no effect on him,” Gina alleged, referring to the twosome’s sons Nicholas, 7, and Luca, 3, and 5-year-old daughter Sienna.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and took Matthew into custody.

Here is his mugshot:

As of this writing, Matthew is not allowed to come within 100 yards of Gina or their cards.

She is filing for full, primary custody of the three young children as well.

Elsewhere in her filing, the Bravo personality has alleged that this was not the first time things got “ugly” between the couple, who announced their separation in July of 2018.

“After our separation but during our nesting arrangement for custody purposes, we began arguing. I asked [Matthew] to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t stop yelling,” Gina claimed of an August 2018 incident.

“I locked myself in my bedroom. He began yelling at me through the door saying, ‘Let me in! I need something from the closet!’ He eventually broke through the door and went straight to my closet.

“I could hear him playing with his shotgun.”

Gina concluded that there were “too many” other incidents that upset her in the past “to remember,” writing:

“At this point, I have to protect me and our children. [Matthew] and I had attempted reconciliation in hopes of keeping our family together, but I now realize it’s better for us both to move on for the sake of our children.

“I am heartbroken for all of us. Matt needs professional help, which is more than I can give him.

“For these reasons, I respectfully request that the Court grant all requested Orders herein.”

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