Gigi Hadid & Bradley Cooper Return to NYC After Weekend Getaway

Gigi Hadid & Bradley Cooper Return to NYC After Weekend Getaway


Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper aren’t shying away from their romance anymore — photographed in the same car, arriving back in NYC after a weekend away.

The new couple — who made headlines last week after being spotted out to dinner — got back in NYC Sunday … after an apparent weekend getaway.

Gigi and Brad are in the Mercedes G-Wagon, BC in the driver’s seat, and Gigi riding passenger. He parks the car, and she gets a bunch of stuff out of his trunk — including a few overnight bags and other gear. Bradley does the same shortly thereafter.

They seem to try and stagger their exits from the vehicle here … but the secret’s out now — they’re definitely rolling as a duo, and it most certainly looks like they’re a thing now.

Gigi and Bradley

Mind you, when they were snapped last week … they definitely were trying to be more low-key than this. Gigi was following Brad in the street, with her trailing him far behind.

As far as any previous connection between them … we haven’t found much. However, they’re both A-listers in NYC — so it’s not outside the realm of possibility they might’ve known each other/mutual friends over the years. They’re certainly acquainted at this point.

Leonardo DiCaprio and gigi

It’s a very interesting pairing … especially when you consider GH was recently linked to one Leonardo DiCaprio — with whom she’d been spotted out all over town earlier this year.

Now, she appears to have moved on with another Hollywood stud … who’s much older than her. Bradley’s 48, and Gigi’s 28 — but at least they share parenthood in common! Brad’s got 6-year-old Lea with Irina Shayk … and Gigi’s got a 3-year-old with her ex, Zayn Malik.

Gigi Hadid's Hot Shots

Perhaps step-parenting is in Gigi and Brad’s future … have fun, you two!

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