Geno Doak Crashes Car Into Garage, Emerges Naked in Disturbing New Video

Geno Doak Crashes Car Into Garage, Emerges Naked in Disturbing New Video


This not exactly just in:

Geno Doak is in need of some serious professional help.

We don’t say this as a form of judgment, and we don’t even say it due to Doak’s extensive history of breaking the law.

We say it because… HOLY HELL… have you seen the video below?!?

TMZ has obtained footage shot by a neighbor of June Shannon in Alabama — and while it’s unclear exactly when the video was shot, it’s pretty darn evident just what is featured in the video.

And it’s downright disturbing.

According to the aforementioned celebrity gossip website, this footage started rolling shortly after Doak crashed his SUV into the garage of the home he shares with Shannon.

He honks the horn in order to get June’s attention and then we see the reality star emerge in a purple nightgown.

From there, Shannon does the best she can to guide a very, very (VERY) inebriated Doak into the house, but he can barely stand or walk.

His pants are also falling off.

At one point, Mama June attempts to pull Doak’s shorts up, but he slaps her hand away and begins punching the windows of the vehicle.

The guy is a total and complete mess, which might be funny and might just be something to mock… except that he had just been behind the wheel moments earlier.

He could have killed someone.

Doak and Shannon have been together for years.

The relationship has always seemed unhealthy for both parties (not to mention June’s kids), but it’s seemed especially horrid of late.

In mid-March, Shannon was arrested for crack cocaine possession, while Doak was arrested for domestic violence, after the two got into a major altercation in a gas station parking lot.

Within 24 hours of this incident, however, and despite a judge ordering Doak to stay away from Shannon, the couple was back together and spotted at a casino together.

A month later, reports surfaced that Doak had been cheating on Shannon, sending lewd texts to a woman he was hoping to sleep with… even while lying in bed with his girlfriend.

The guy seriously sucks.

Shannon’s family has reportedly been concerned with her relationship with Doak following their arrests and these allegations of dishonesty and infidelity.

During the season finale of Mama June: From Not to Hot, viewers saw Shannon’s family try to get the 39-year-old reality star to go to rehab.

But she was having none of it.

In a clip, Shannon can be seen rejecting her family’s pleas to get away from Doak and get into a facility of some kind, making it evident that she’s in complete denial.

And it’s getting dangerous for all involved.

“If you touch me, I swear to God,” Shannon can be heard screaming at one point below.

Check out the sneak peek above and then join us in begging with Shannon.

Heck, pleading with Shannon.

You have kids. Get them, and yourself, as far away from Geno Doak as humanly possible.

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