Former Bachelorette Clare Crawley Is 'Not Gonna Give Up On Love' With BF Dale Moss!

Former Bachelorette Clare Crawley Is 'Not Gonna Give Up On Love' With BF Dale Moss!


Clare Crawley just isn’t going to walk away without trying to make things work, that’s for sure!

After her January split from Bachelorette contestant Dale Moss, it appeared as though the 39-year-old hairstylist was destined to be single for at least a while until she found her true love! But after major reconciliation news between her and the 32-year-old former football player this week, it appears as though they are right back on! And an insider has important info confirming as much!

According to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly about the matter, it sure sounds like Clare was ready to fight for the relationship even after the two abruptly broke up late in January.

The insider dished (below):

“Her love for Dale didn’t just disappear overnight. She still has strong feelings for him. Once she falls in love, she falls hard.”

No kidding!

That source wasn’t done dishing, either. As it turns out, Clare “took the engagement very seriously, and was extremely upset when they split.” With that, she was also looking to the future — and she’s particularly hopeful now that she’s reconciled with the South Dakota native.

The insider went on to talk more about it, adding (below):

“She is someone who wants to get married and have kids like tomorrow. She’s not gonna give up on love.”

Well, she’s definitely not giving up on it right now!

As we previously reported, Clare and Dale were the subjects of major reconciliation speculation after they were spotted together down in Venice, Florida on February 16. They were photographed by fans and astute followers getting drinks together at a local bar, after which they strolled down the street to the oceanfront together. From there, it was on, and there was no shortage of stories and sourced reports about how the pair had gotten back together!

Of course, all this follows a wild several weeks on this past season of The Bachelorette, in which Clare and Dale found a white-hot connection with each other and ended up walking away from the season itself to be together. As you’ll recall, Tayshia Adams took over for Clare on the show and finished out the season with her own set of suitors looking for love, and Clare and Dale sailed off into the sunset.

Until they broke up last month, that is…

But maybe now they are all back together and things are completely back to normal?!

Gotta love it! Good for them for working it out! Let’s see what the future holds…

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