Fans Livid After Beyonce Sends Adidas x IVY PARK Collection to Celeb Pals

Fans Livid After Beyonce Sends Adidas x IVY PARK Collection to Celeb Pals


After celebrities like Laverne Cox, Issa Rae and Yara Shahidi reveal the huge gifts they receive from the singer, people are upset that Bey sends the collection to those A-list stars who can afford to pay for it.

AceShowbiz -While many can’t wait to get their hands on Beyonce Knowles‘ latest collaboration with Adidas, some are not impressed with one of her strategies for marketing campaign. Some Beyhives think that they should receive the Adidas x IVY PARK collection instead of Bey’s celebrity pals.

After the 38-year-old singer teased and then unveiled the collection from the line, the likes of Laverne Cox, Issa Rae, Quincy Brown and Yara Shahidi showed the gigantic Adidas x IVY PARK boxes that were delivered to their homes. The huge boxes contained the entire collection from the line.

Seeing this, people think that Beyhives should have received these gifts instead, because those aforementioned celebrities can afford to pay for the collection. “@Beyonce Lashae Knowles YOU KNOW D**N WELL THOSE CELEBS CAN AFFORD IVY PARK, WHY YOU AINT SEND THAT SH*T TO YOUR BROKE A** STANS,” one reacted on Twitter.

Another argued why he/she deserved to receive the huge Adidas x IVY PARK box as a gift. “I never understood why celebrities get free clothes as if they can’t afford the s**t… send me some s**t @beyonce the amount of money I’ve spent on you over the years, I deserve,” so the said user claimed.

“Beyonce sending all these free ivy park boxes to girls that can already afford the whole collection anyway,” another lamented. Someone else similarly reacted, “Why Beyonce giving all this free shxt to rich people? Where mine?”

Another, meanwhile, laid out the reason why Bey sent out those Adidas x IVY PARK boxes to those A-listers, “It really is marketing genius for Beyonce to send out gifts from her collection to different celebs. Now they’re doing the marketing for her when they share their unboxing with us thru their own very large platforms. You can tell she really has her mind wrapped around this thing.”

The Adidas x IVY PARK collection will arrive in stores on January 18.

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