Etika, Late YouTube Star, Confirmed Dead by Suicide

Etika, Late YouTube Star, Confirmed Dead by Suicide


We have an update on the tragic death of Etika.

As previously reported, the popular YouTube personality was found dead in New York City on Monday, several days after he was reported missing.

Etika was just 29 years old.

The social media star’s body was dragged out of the East River by members of the New York Police Department around 6 p.m. on Monday, with this department confirming via a simple Tweet:

“We regret to inform that Desmond Amofah aka Etika has been found deceased.”

The previous Wednesday night, Etika had shared an emotional eight-minute video (which has since been deleted) in which he sounded like someone on the verge of taking his own life.

“I’m sorry for leaving such a stained legacy,” the 29-year old said in this footage, sparking major worry from fans across the Internet and across the globe.

He added at the time:

“I hope that my story maybe helps to make YouTube a better place in the future where people know boundaries and limits and how far things should go.”

Now, a day after this awful news went public, authorities have confirmed that Etika died via a suicide by drowning.

According to the BBC and other outlets, Etika’s belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge over this past weekend, not long before his corpse also turned up.

“You know I wasn’t suicidal before – I really wasn’t,” Etika added in his aforementioned video, continuing as follows:

“But one thing I didn’t realize was that the walls were closing around me so fast. I really had no intention of killing myself but I’d always push it too far.

“I guess I am mentally ill.”

Etika rose to fame with his posts about video games, particularly Nintendo releases — yet he first raised concern in April after posting Tweets about suicide.

His YouTube account was actually deactivated in October after pornography showed up on it, but fans are now signing a petition to have YouTube restore all of Etika’s videos.

Reads a section of this petition:

“Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah was a legendary YouTube streamer / entertainer, he pioneered YouTube Gaming and put the platform on the map with his insanely entertaining streams and loyal fan base.”

As of this writing, the petition has over 370,000 signatures.

It concludes:

He was loyal to YouTube Gaming from the beginning. We the YouTube community and the Joycon Boyz, demand that his YouTube channel be reinstated so his legacy can be archived.

Years of memories are gone due to his misconduct of a few uploads, and we think someone who has done so much for the YouTube platform should be allowed to have his greatest moments archived on YouTube forever.

Please consider, think about how much he has done for you YouTube, think about all the years of his life he poured into his channel, and restore those memories.

Just so sad all around.

May Etika rest in peace.

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