Deena Cortese Calls Out Angelina Pivarnick Over Question Of Cheating On Her Husband: 'I Freaking Knew It!'

Deena Cortese Calls Out Angelina Pivarnick Over Question Of Cheating On Her Husband: 'I Freaking Knew It!'


Angelina Pivarnick is being forced to take stock of her actions — and her Jersey Shore cast mates aren’t afraid to be the ones to call her out!

On Thursday night’s new episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina sits down with her co-star, longtime MTV reality TV personality Deena Cortese, for a chat. Over the course of their convo, Angelina gets real about her ill-fated relationship with estranged husband Chris Larangeira. And Deena managed to wriggle out an infidelity admission in short order!!

It all started while the two reality TV vets were seated on a couch together chatting about Angelina’s (lack of) New Year’s plans with Chris. In a confessional, shea explained how she was frustrated that her husband didn’t put anything together for the two of them to do on New Year’s Eve:

“Chris was just not giving me anything. How much more can somebody take? How much more can somebody take, really? … I don’t even care if it was a reservation at McDonald’s. I wouldn’t have even cared if he was, like, bringing me to Burger King. I wouldn’t have cared as long as he, like, took initiative. I would have been like, ‘wow, like, that’s awesome.’”


Angelina then explained to Deena that she received a call from fellow All Star Shore cast member Luis “Porto’ Caballero. The “kid,” as Angelina called him, invited her to Mexico for the holiday:

“Luis reached out to me, and he was like, listen, me and a couple of my friends, we’re all getting together in Cancun. Do you want to come out? At that point, I was like, ‘f**k you’ .”

Uh-oh! Probably not the best mindset to have going into something like that, but, uh, OK!

Angelina explained to Deena that she and Luis enjoyed nice dinners, went to night clubs, and even watched fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Sounds fun, right?! Except for the whole husband-back-at-home thing, but, sure… Pivarnick pivoted in her confessional convo, revealing that Luis showed her something new:

“Luis, meeting him, it definitely opened my eyes up to a different world. He helped my mind realize that I’m worth more.”

Hmmm… Rightfully skeptical as ever, Deena gave Angelina an incredibly cynical glance and asked:

“And you never hooked up with him?”

Angelina shot right back:

“I swear to God, we didn’t do anything. We cuddled. It was like something I’ve never had. I felt very, like, loved.”

But Deena knew something was funny, and she followed up with this:

“When you got home, did you tell Chris about him?”

To which Angelina couldn’t respond:


That pause speaks volumes!!

Suddenly, as the pair were sitting there talking about him, Luis called Angelina!! Deena took the opportunity to ask the eligible bachelor whether he and Pivarnick had done the deed, and his answer was different from the one Angelina gave! Laughing about the interrogation, Luis said:

“I have a bad connection now. It’s not called sex. It’s making love.”

See!! Deena knew all along!! Always trust your gut… Angelina immediately blurted out:

“F**k my life!”

And in a confessional after that, Deena expressed her displeasure at being lied to:

“I freaking knew it. She had sex with Luis and she lied to me about it.”

No kidding! And that wasn’t even the end of it! Later in the episode, Angelina spoke to producers off camera, and her words said it all:

“Don’t f**king judge me. What do you want me to do it? I’m not marrying him. I’m just having fun right now.”

Well, there you go, then. Yeesh!! Regardless of what went down in Cancun, it doesn’t sound like Angelina and Luis have much of a long-term future. In another confessional scene later in the ep, the starlet spoke about her lack of a vibe with the dude:

“We moved very fast, maybe a little too fast. Luis at one point made me feel very good about myself. He made me feel more liked in three days than my husband made me feel in three years. But trying to talk to this kid is like talking to a f**king wall. Luis is very dramatic. This is not what I wanted.”

So it goes sometimes. But man. Deena was right on it. Good for her! And Angelina, girl, WTF?! Watch part of that couch confession as it happened on Thursday night’s ep, beginning at the 1:10 mark (below):


Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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