Debbie McGee: ‘Trying to make me blush’ Strictly star loses it after startling discovery

Debbie McGee: ‘Trying to make me blush’ Strictly star loses it after startling discovery


Former Strictly Come Dancing star Debbie McGee, 60, and her co-star Julian Perkins discussed a new trend of people wearing recycled plastic swimwear.

Debbie’s co-star Julian then joked he would buy her some, prompting her intrigue.

But insisting she was puzzled by the report, Debbie told listeners: “I know that some people… when they’ve swum in really cold water have wrapped themselves in clingfilm, I’ve heard of that before.”

But her co-star Julian insisted he hadn’t heard of such a method, replying: “I’ve heard of people putting goose fat on them and stuff like that, not just for fun.”

They’re trying to make me blush and I’m not going to

Debbie McGee

Julian’s response prompted Debbie to get the giggles live on air before she added: “Julian you always have that little thing, you just pop in don’t you.”

Attempting to move on with the show, Debbie said, “Anyway,” but swiftly got distracted again.

She then said to her producer Rob: “Rob, stop it.

“They’re trying to make me blush and I’m not going to,” she told listeners.

Earlier this month, Debbie told audience she and Julian were being “kept apart” after he joked the pair had received complaints.

During a live broadcast, Debbie, who was married to the late magician Paul Daniels,  joked her co-star had “deserted” following his news segment on the show.

After delivering the latest news, Debbie replied: “Thank you very much Julian. Lovely to hear your voice.

“Usually, I’ve got you in my studio but you’ve deserted me this morning.”

He replied: “I’m not allowed to sit next to you anymore.”

Debbie then queried: “Is that what it is?”

Julian responded to the star, replying: “There’s been complaints – from you I bet?”

Debbie giggled, adding: “Yes, you make my knees wobble – you guessed it.”

Finding her comeback humorous, Julian responded: “They [producers] said, ‘No you have to sit in another studio’”.

“She won’t have it anymore,” Julian chuckled.

Elsewhere, Debbie took time out of her schedule to attend Royal Ascot this week.

The radio host posed confidently posed for cameras sporting a white knee-length gown and an oversized pink fascinator.

The former magician’s assistant completed her look with dusty pink heels and a coat.

The Debbie McGee Show airs Sundays on BBC Radio Berkshire at 9am.

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