David Crosby, Phoebe Bridgers In War Of Words Over Guitar Smashing

David Crosby, Phoebe Bridgers In War Of Words Over Guitar Smashing


Rock legend David Crosby is engaged in a war of words with Phoebe Bridgers after she destroyed her guitar during her “Saturday Night Live” debut on February 6.

The battle started when someone asked Crosby what he thought about Bridgers destroying her Danelectro Dano ’56 guitar after her performance of “I Know the End” on “SNL.”

In response, Crosby tweeted, “Pathetic.” Bridgers then responded to Crosby’s comment, saying, “little bitch.”

After several people pointed out that Crosby’s male contemporaries such as The Who‘s Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix used to burn or trash guitars on stage, the former The Byrds musician made it clear, “Guitars are for playing ..making music ….. not stupidly bashing them on a fake monitor for childish stage drama …. I really do NOT give a flying F if others have done it before. It’s still… STUPID.”

Bridgers came under fire by some other people, who called her act “disappointing”, “extra” and an “unjustifiably awkward display of white privilege.” However, she took it in a stride and joked that she “got some really great feedback” and should have instead set the guitar on fire.

Bridgers also revealed that Danelectro were informed before that she was going to do it.

“I told Danelectro I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break,” she said.

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