Daunte Wright Shooting Sparks Night Two of Unrest, Standoffs with Cops

Daunte Wright Shooting Sparks Night Two of Unrest, Standoffs with Cops


The second night of unrest in Minnesota had echoes of 2020 protests past — as citizens remain furious over Daunte Wright‘s death at the hands of police.

Even more people took to the streets Monday evening in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center … where folks gathered outside a police station to demand justice for Wright and his family.

As the hours went on and the 7 PM curfew came and went, police eventually began to disperse the crowd with flash bombs and chemical agents … this as protesters hurled projectiles at cops in return. Meanwhile, all throughout the area, looting was underway.

Gas stations and businesses were ransacked … including a notable hit at a Dollar Tree, the aftermath of which was captured on video and shared online like wildfire.

There was even more tension on the streets … where CNN correspondent Sara Sidner came face-to-face with an irate demonstrator who got in her face during a live shot, and basically told her and her network to kick rocks — accusing the media of making matters worse.

It made for a heated on-camera moment — the guy unloaded expletives at Sidner, who kept calm and deescalated the situation.

Of course, the protests were not just limited to Minnesota, there were also clashes with police in Portland as well … where tensions have remained high for almost a year now.

The renewed wave of fury and outrage came on the heels of Brooklyn Center PD releasing the shocking body cam footage from officer Kim Potter — reportedly a 26-year vet — which showed the moment she fired on Daunte.

The disturbing video shows what Potter and her superiors are calling an accidental discharge … as she apparently reached for her handgun instead of her Taser and fired off one round as Daunte tried to escape custody.

Potter is on administrative leave, but hasn’t been fired yet — the BCPD says it’s letting the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension conduct its investigation and will proceed accordingly when those findings are complete.

Cops say they pulled Daunte over because of an expired registration on the vehicle he was driving, but after discovering he had a misdemeanor warrant … they attempted to arrest him before things turned fatal. Daunte’s mother says the 20-year-old had no knowledge of the outstanding warrant.

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