Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host in ‘appalling’ wardrobe mishap before meeting with Queen

Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host in ‘appalling’ wardrobe mishap before meeting with Queen


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Dan Walker regularly interviews various people from government ministers, celebrities, and sports professionals. The BBC Breakfast broadcaster dished on the moment he had the honour of taking Queen Elizabeth II around their Salford studios which he was slightly unprepared for.

The 43-year-old revealed that on this big occasion he had forgotten to wear his tie and was forced to borrow the attire from the BBC studio.

But there was a slight problem as the tie was covered in yogurt stains from the previous wearer.

Dan recalled: “I do remember that day because I’d also forgotten my tie. I borrowed a tie and it had yogurt on it.

“So, I had to borrow one, and also a waistcoat to wear.”

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He added: “If you ever see a picture from that day, I’m wearing someone else’s tie and someone else’s waistcoat. My mother would have been appalled.”

Dan explained he also had issues with the waistcoat because it was too small for him.

“It was a little bit tight, let’s put it that way,” the Breakfast host remarked.

“But I had to wear the waistcoat because of the massive yogurt stain on the tie.”

My mother would have been appalled

Dan Walker

It comes after the Breakfast host took the Queen on a tour of the BBC studios in Salford, Manchester in 2012.

The broadcaster also spoke candidly about an incident he suffered after coming face-to-face with the Queen, which he attempted to “style out”.

Dan explained: “When the Queen opened our new studios in Salford, I showed her around.

“I was halfway through what was a brilliant story and she sort of pied me off a bit.”


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The father-of-three claimed the Queen “walked off” just as he got to the best part of his story.

“I was halfway through the story about how the studio works, and how many people watch the programme,” Dan recalled.

“I was building up to my big punchline and she went, ‘It was lovely to meet you.’ And she walked off.”

Dan added: “Obviously, I need to work on my storytelling.

“I tried to style it out that I ended the conversation but it was quite clear that Her Majesty had had quite enough.”

Dan also dished on the royal he was most “impressed” by after meeting Prince William, whom he praised for being open about the grief he and his brother Prince Harry faced following the loss of their mother Princess Diana.

It comes after the BBC presenter fronted a documentary titled A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health in 2019.

He was joined by famous footballers Gareth Southgate, Peter Crouch, Thierry Henry, Danny Rose and Jermaine Jenas, who gathered together to discuss their personal battles.

Dan revealed that Prince William’s appearance came as a surprise to the legendary players and their “jaws dropped” when they saw the royal.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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