‘Cuff him!’ Libbie Mugrabi’s lawyer shouts in divorce court

‘Cuff him!’ Libbie Mugrabi’s lawyer shouts in divorce court


The nasty divorce of art scion David Mugrabi and his wife, Libbie, got still nastier on Friday, when her side demanded he pay up hundreds of thousands in overdue support — or be thrown in jail.

“Cuff him and take him down to The Tombs!” Libbie’s lawyer shouted at one point in a contentious Manhattan hearing.

David, meanwhile, is crying poverty, insisting he’s having trouble meeting his $25,000-a-month support payments even though his father is swimming in Warhols.

The dad, industrialist Jose, owns an estimated $5 billion in art, including some 1,000 Warhols.

Trouble is, David’s trust fund is limited, his lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, told Justice Douglas Hoffman.

“Just because Mr. Mugrabi is the son of a wealthy man and comes from a wealthy family doesn’t mean that he has wealth,” Kasowitz told Hoffman.

Which left Libbie’s lawyer, Kevin McDonough, asking the judge why David travels to Europe and pays $10,000 a month to a nanny and chauffeur.

The judge sent each side back to their corners and set a return date for July 31.

David, 47, and Libbie, 39,  are squabbling over their own art collection and their shared $72 million Upper East Side townhouse and $3.75 house in Water Mill, LI.

Married 13 years, they have two kids and no prenup.

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